[Video] What is the real-world potential of AI as a tool for business?

Katie Sadler

Rob McCargow, PwC’s artificial intelligence programme leader, explains how to make a strategic case for AI in this presentation for AIIA Network's AI LIVE event

AI has become somewhat synonymous with automation—but in 2018 that’s set to change.

“One of the impacts we will see is the requirement for trust, transparency and regulation where AI is concerned,” said McCargow.

“We’ll also see an enormous race globally for AI dominance, and this will play out across the globe,” he added. China and North America will see the biggest AI gains in the years to 2030.

“As AI is starting to augment the workforce, we will see productivity grow—at the same time as hyper-personalizing products for consumers.”

According to PwC research, the impact of AI on the global economy will be as much as $15.7tn in GDP gains. In the UK alone, this equates to 10 per cent GDP growth, he said.

In this insightful presentation, McCargow explains the potential of AI as a tool separate from automation and highlights future brands to watch in this space.

Taking place earlier this year, AI LIVE: The future of enterprise, featured 17 industry speakers and more than 1600 attendees.

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It’s back! Due to popular demand AI LIVE will return this summer with a focus on Asia Pacific (APAC)! Watch this space for further details…

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