What To Expect From AIIA APAC Live July 17-19

Event Producer Sally Fletcher shares what to expect from the event

Seth Adler

Sally Fletcher:  I'm Head of Online Events for IQPC Digital.

Seth Adler:  Thank you for giving us some time here. We've got AIIA Live APAC coming up. So, I really appreciate being able to talk to you about the agenda and what we have in store. I guess, starting at the beginning, why are we doing APAC? Why are we doing APAC now?

Sally Fletcher: Why are we doing APAC now? Enterprises in Asia are adopting robotics, intelligent automation in particular, really quickly, and also, have a view to AI. We're at more of the education stages of AI, but we're seeing is lots of really innovative stories and lots of great projects going on when it comes to Intelligent Information A Pack. So, we really wanted to gather together some experts both from the A Pack region, and also some expertise from further up field, in Europe and the US, to talk about the progress of Intelligent Automation. Talk about where the industry is and practical steps that our members, and anyone really interested in Intelligent Information AI, can look to for their next transformation.

Seth Adler: Understood and appreciated. As far as those A Pack speakers are concerned, and those A Pack use cases, do you mind highlighting a couple few for us?

Sally Fletcher: What I'm really excited about, well first this is actually an international speaker, is Google, with you over there who I understand has spoken at a podcast of yours recently.

Seth Adler: Of course.

Sally Fletcher: He is going to be speaking about combining AI and machine learning, and looking at how that can transform the enterprise. Other people that we've got that are looking really exciting- the Head of Department of Knowledge and Innovation from Woodlands Health Compass- they're doing some really cool things. He's talking about something that I'm sure will be close to a lot of hearts of the audience, which is how to build your AI business case and demonstrate RY on your AY projects.

Seth Adler: Oh, wow.

Sally Fletcher: This is sometimes the sticking point that stops companies investing, not sure what the return on investment will be from a money standpoint, also from a productivity and efficiency standpoint. The Head of Analytics to Southeast Asia from Visa is also joining us. He's going to be looking at how to understand customer behavior to drive the business growth through machine learning. So, looking at sophisticated analytics to market to micro seismic customer groups, looking at customer behavior, profiles, patents. I'm not only getting the insight but applying that is to drive revenue at customer variance organization.

Seth Adler:  Okay, so we've got a little bit of process. We've got some ROI, which by the way, I don't know where else you're getting that these, as far as your AI and IA implementations. Then, of course, we're going all the way out to the customer, to the consumer. So, that's fantastic! How is the whole thing going to be structured? Whether I'm an A Pack or anywhere else in the world, what do I do and when do I do it?

Sally Fletcher: Great question. So, it's a 3 day event and it's a series of webinars over the course of 3 days that you can login to, free of charge. So, anyone that's interested in hearing from the speakers just needs to register at our website and then, they'll be able to sign up and they'll get sent a link where they can listen to the presentations. Our hope is that it will be a mix of the inspirational and the practical. Inspirational sessions that really showcase what's possible within AI and Intelligent Automation, what the most advanced and innovative companies are doing. Also, practical advice. How can you implement robotics process automation? What are some of the pin points that you need to be aware of from those that have gone before, and how you might scale up from 1 to 100 robots because it's easy to implement 1. It's not as easy to implement 500, and that's where a lot of companies are really using Intelligent Automation to success are doing. So, it's going to be a mixture of the practical and aspirational.

Seth Adler: As far as that scale up ... Sorry for speaking over you, but as far as that scale up, because I've been hearing that, as well.

Sally Fletcher: We've also are kindly partnering with EY, and they're going to be giving some great advice on how you might go about scaling up in the robotics process automation stage, because doing a pilot can be quite simple. When you have to scaled up to a significant number of robots, you can definitely get the return on investment that you have to start thinking centers of X, governments models, operating structures and creating that long term road map, and to really have a digital workforce in the business.

Seth Adler: Yeah, excellent. Then, I did interrupt you. You were about to say something else. I apologize.

Sally Fletcher: Oh, my goodness. I have no idea, now. Essentially, yeah, the conference is 3 days. You can sign up to as many or as few sessions as you like, and listen both live and On Demand.

Seth Adler: Got it.

Sally Fletcher: I always recommend listening live because, one of the advantages of having an online conference is that you don't have to stick your hand up in front of a room full of people and ask the questions you want asked. In our digital conference, you can ask them in the chatroom. The speakers are always available directly after their presentation in the chatroom for 15 or 20 minutes. So, you can ask them directly those questions, and that's what conferences are all about. Bringing people together, especially from different regions to be able to share best practice. If any reason, you can't make the live event, the sessions are available On Demand, so you can listen on the go, at home at your convenience.

Seth Adler: After the fact, obviously. So, I go to Aii.net to register for the thing. Then, not to get too far into the weeds, but how do I ... because I'm obviously not going to go, and I'm not talking about me because I'll be with you the entire time, but depending on my timezone and just the fact that I'm a busy executive, how do I sign up for the separate sessions? Again, not to get too far into the weeds, but just to paint the picture for folks.

Sally Fletcher: Once you sign up for the event, as a whole, you'll be on the list for all of the different sessions. Then, you can just pick and choose which you go to. What will happen is, you'll sign up and then you'll get an email confirming your registration. Then, a couple of weeks out from the event, the event takes place 17th to 19th of July, a couple of weeks previously, you'll get a login with the links to all of the individual sessions. Then, you can just login at the appropriate time for this.

Seth Adler: Schedule all that in with the links and the whole thing. Fantastic.

Sally Fletcher: Yeah, it's all provided.

Seth Adler: Alright. Now, I know you. You've been producing events for quite a while, but just to make sure, if folks have not heard the name Sally Fletcher before and have not been a part of the Sally Fletcher production, how long have you been doing this?

Sally Fletcher: Oh, my goodness. I have been doing this for, I want to say 8 years. So, it's not that long, I suppose, but long enough.

Seth Adler: It's long enough. Exactly. I guess, just personally, how did you ... Being a conference producer, I, of course, have produced many and in person conference in my past over the past 20 years. How did you find conference production, because it's a very unique job function?

Sally Fletcher: Mm-hmm (affirmative)- I think it makes a very good dinner party guest.

Seth Adler: Certainly.

Sally Fletcher: It makes you a very good dinner party guest because you know a little bit about a lot of topics. I think it's quite an interesting job. I basically started doing it years and years ago, just completely by chance because I wanted to move to London, and that was the job that I got and started producing capital markets conferences. I quickly realized that it was a good job that I fell into that because it's a really exciting and fun job, but it can be incredibly stressful.

Seth Adler: Of course.

Sally Fletcher: As anyone can imagine that's planned any kind of party or event, there's also challenges, there's always pressure and there's always a deadline. I'm sure that many people can say that for their jobs.

Seth Adler: Exactly.

Sally Fletcher: I really like it because, especially now, as part of the IQPC Digital Team, I work on lots of different topics. As well as AI and robotic process automation, we've got out innovation series. We've cyber security event that I'm running this week. We've got show services, HR technology, customer experience. So, really getting to understand key trends of a driving business in 2018, and also get to speak to some of the smartest people within those respective industries. So, yeah. I like it!

Seth Adler: Yeah, absolutely. You just demonstrated the fact that you are busy. So, we will let you get back to it, but repeat those dates one more time.

Sally Fletcher: 17th to 19th of July, 2018. AI and Intelligent Automation Live APAC.

Seth Adler: Go to Aii.net right now to register. Isn't that right?

Sally Fletcher: That's right, yet.