CX Panel Discussion: Attend A Live Podcast Recording Oct. 11th

Tech innovation in CX

Register now to join us at CEM in Telecoms Americas with speakers from AT&T, Comcast, Orange, Rogers, T-Mobile, Telus, Verizon and more.

We'll be recording a live podcast at the event:

Tech innovation in CX: Helping or hindering CX outcomes?

Technology is an inseparable aspect of modern CX, which allows us to deliver a proactive personalized experience and reach out to a greater number of people.

However, the more we integrate technology, the more skepticism arises regarding the negative consequences of such transformation.

Hear the discussion about the most common arguments made for and against the rising use of tech innovation in customer experience management...

• How do we optimize CX using robotics, at the same time maintaining the human touch?

• Does innovation create job opportunities or is robotics taking over the work force?

• How do we use technology to empower the front line, ensuring they are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to use it to the full extent?

• Analytics: Does it help us find out what our customers want or drive us on a road of assumptions?


Seth Adler, Host, CX Network Podcast

Members of the panel:

Justin Reilly, Head of CX Innovation, Verizon

Sherrie Simmons, COO, In STEPPS

Chitra Unnikrishnan, Manager, CEM and Digital Adoption, Koodo Mobile

Brooke Pruter, VP of Customer Service Strategy & Operations, Comcast

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