You're still not too far behind. But that won't last long.

Billed as the Here, Now and Near Future of AI for BFSI, Intelligent Automation for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, takes place at the Andaz Wall Street January 28-30. Register now.

We begin the year where we spent a good part of last year- still battling the silos and sentiments of yore. Wells Fargo & Company’s CIO Keynotes the affair with his session “DEVELOP & MANAGE CHANGE MANAGEMENT INITIATIVES THAT ENSURE IA PROGRAM SUCCESS.”

We can feel you smiling on the other side of the screen. Yes that’s right- if you’re still having these same issues- you’re not too far behind the curve.

Track sessions are divided into Planning & Launching and Evolving & Maturing. The first panel of the latter has VPs from American Express and Voya Financial discussing, “LAUNCHING & SUSTAINING A BEST IN CLASS COE.” Each of the above sessions will inevitably be completely and totally useful to a top-level corporate enterprise practitioner. And the in-between-sessions-networking will of course, be priceless.

But as intimated above, most folks still can’t measure or manage the change management and culture shifts. And so while the agenda does have sessions on those topics- off the record lessons learned will be gleaned from off the record conversations.

If governance is your game, you've got to go to the Metrics & KPI panel featuring HSBC, Zurich North America and American Express, “LAUNCHING & SUSTAINING A BEST IN CLASS COE.” 

A big question, “DOES IA’S PROMISE OF REDUCING AN ORGANIZATION’S HARD & SOFT COSTS ACTUALLY INCREASE ITS PROFITS?” kicks of Day 2. One could argue that on sentence structure alone the answer is no. But the session does speak to the true value for which the industry strives to gain.

A fully intelligently automated organization that has repositioned through effective and efficient digital transformation should be able to achieve astounding enterprise profitability. With the above sessions and speakers alone, it’s worth the trip.

And when you factor in Aetna, Capitol One, Citizen’s Bank, AIG, RBC and Manulife speakers as well as the expected delegation- you probably should be there. Register Now.