Podcast: Innovation begins with growth mindset says Microsoft’s Rohit Amberker

Seth Adler

Constraints and a fixed mindset can be the undoing of successful innovation—imagination is the golden ticket

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

After more than a decade at Microsoft, Rohit Amberker says that productivity is the mission that keeps the machine moving. But the culture, he admits, has evolved rapidly over the course of this time.

“The culture within Microsoft feels different. People are excited to try new things,” he tells AI Network Podcast host Seth Adler. “It’s much more trial, learn and fail quickly—we call it growth mindset.”


This is the mindset Amberker brings to his current role as director of Royalties and Content Operations, in which he oversees the team that pays the royalties on any intellectual property that’s licensed or sold by the company—amounting to about $4bn per year.

In this position, Amberker has overseen the rollout of intelligent automation across core parts of Microsoft, digitizing contracts and employing RPA to more effectively process data.

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“We used to have a three to five per cent error rate in this process, but it’s now more like zero,” he says. “If there’s a happy path, what is it? That’s how we define RPA success.”

“When you are in the domain of innovation, you have to be more free spirited. Any constraint limits your imagination. That’s where a growth mindset really plays in.”

Success, he says, comes with orchestrating multiple tools and much like a band; you need all the instruments and players in this process.

Tune in as Amberker and Adler discuss the three stages of automation success, why people reduction is not the end goal, and how control of pain points is the key to unlocking an effective RPA mindset.

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