Automation and AI: The C-suite's NUMBER ONE Strategic Imperative

Intelligent Automation—The breakthrough today’s enterprises need for DIGITAL EVOLUTION

Digital Transformation

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Most global enterprises have embarked on their digital transformation journey, but only a handful have found the right mantra to truly embrace automation in their operations.

This report, which is based on research conducted by HfS Research with support of Hexaware, aims to drive a fact-based discussion on the impact and maturity of automation and AI for business operations.

With survey input from more than 400 senior executives for global enterprises, the report highlights early investments and strategies for intelligent automation, key challenges and successes, and lessons learned to help close the gap between leadership ambition and execution.

Download your copy of the report and learn more about:  

  • Building a compelling business case for automation
  • Setting realistic goals and expectations
  • Choosing the right RPA platform to complement existing infrastructure
  • Managing employee resistance and change

A useful playbook for CXOs and operational leaders looking to enhance their journey to successful automation adoption, download your free copy of The State of Automation and AI today.

Chinmoy Banerjee is EVP & Global Head of BPS at Hexaware and an AIIA Network Advisory Board member.