[CASE STUDY] How one of the world's largest automakers achieved ROI in six months

Accelerating finance and accounting operations with intelligent RPA

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Imagine how complex the invoice process is for the world's largest car manufacturers...

Not only is there a large volume of documents involved, all in differing formats, but there are multiple different vendors all located in a range of different countries.

The solution? A combination of rule-based automation and machine learning. How do we know? Because it's already been done—resulting in increased turnaround time and greater efficiency levels to the tune of 85 per cent!

Download this proven case study to learn how:

  • Processing time per invoice went from 10 mins 1 min
  • Effort spent on new supplier addition went from immeasurable to (0-10) min
  • Error Correction went from immeasurable to  1 min per invoice
  • % Automation went from 0 to 75 per cent
  • Number of FTEs required went from 40 to 2  
  • ROI was achieved in 6 months