IoT and Big Data
Contributor: Katie Sadler
Posted: 04/06/2018
“Security of an Internet of Things (IoT) device will only get worse before it gets better,” says Yotam Gutman. However, organizations can act now with simple measures Full Content »
Contributor: The Conversation
Posted: 03/08/2018
AI gender equality
With rapid deployment of AI, biased data could influence the predictions that machines make, writes Bettina Büchel, Professor of Strategy and Organization at IMD Business School Full Content »
Contributor: Megan Wright
Posted: 12/23/2017
blockchain thumb
“People either refuse to embrace blockchain because they don’t understand what it can do or what it can be used for,” said Shping’s Gennady Volchek Full Content »
Contributor: AIIA Network Research
Posted: 11/22/2017
health iot thumb
From productivity gains and improved inventory management, to improved client care—the future of healthcare is connected Full Content »
Contributor: Megan Wright
Posted: 10/16/2017
ibm blockchain thumb
New collaboration between IBM and global banking leaders accelerates financial exchange and settlement across currency corridors Full Content »
Contributor: AIIA Network Research
Posted: 09/11/2017
legacy security
Elena Sitnikova, Critical Infrastructure Protection Research Leader at the Australian Centre for Cyber Security, discusses the risks automation poses to SCADA legacy systems, and delves into potential tools and solutions to protect networks from unauthorised access and attacks. Full Content »
Contributor: AIIA Network Research
Posted: 09/08/2017
AIIA - Accenture - Driving Unconventional Growth though IoT
This report from Accenture combines their research on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses cases and current thinking, along with conversations with their clients and subject matter experts, suggests that executives must meet three imperatives: boost revenues by increasing production and creating hybrid business models, fuel innovation with intelligent technologies, and transform the workforce for the IIoT. Full Content »
Contributor: AIIA Network Research
Posted: 09/05/2017
iot utilties thumb
As IoT continues to evolve and gain traction, utilities have an opportunity to drive a real shift in how they engage with customers to enable smarter communities and better manage energy and water. Jim Baker, SCADA Acquisition Manager at the Water Corporation in Western Australia, explains out the steps he feels should be taken to develop and roll-out IoT and how the Australian utilities can harness and benefit from Water Industry Telemetry Standards protocol focused on IoT for water applications. Full Content »
Contributor: AIIA Network Research
Posted: 08/23/2017
AIIA - What you need to know about IoT platforms
In this report from AT&T, you will not only learn more about how IoT solutions can impact your business, but you’ll discover why building IoT applications on the right platform is the key to success. To future-proof your investments, you’ll not only need to think about the strength of your platform, but scalability and speed-to-market as well. Full Content »

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