6 thoughts on your structured data [VIDEO]

Going Hybrid w/Deepak Subbarao: Structured Data

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Seth Adler

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Deepak takes us through structured data: what it is, when we need it, and when we don’t.

  1. Discovering the history of structured data at your enterprise
  2. Realizing that when it comes to intelligent automation, sometimes that structured data is helpful as-is, and sometimes it needs restructuring.
  3. Understanding that today, data comes flooding in in mass quantities and various forms. Is it worth structuring that data? Will it fit into our old ideas of “structure?”
  4. Unpacking the value of structured data and how to get the most out of it.
  5. Data structure is adaptable in a way it wasn’t in the past.
  6. Asking the right questions before preparing reports from structured data eliminates time and resource waste.
  7. Identifying “master data” in order to streamline the data processing process.

To get the most out of your structured data—and the conversation between Seth and Deepak—watch the full conversation below.