Cognitive automation in Asia

4th RPA Asia: June 19-20, Singapore

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Seth Adler

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Automation blueprints and roadmaps

ANZ’s Regional COO kicks things off things off by discussing intelligent automation roadmaps. Venkatesh uses roadmap and blueprint interchangeably with the ultimate goal of enhancing business agility. Rather than take today as a given, he is set to urge you to consider what’s been done to date to derive lessons learned before building on top of your current infrastructure. And of course, Venkatesh speaks of the mandatory culture shift within intelligent automation. If any of these concepts haven’t been perfectly deployed, it seems like a worthwhile session.


 9:00 am - 9:40 am Developing Sustainable RPA and Intelligent Automation Roadmaps to Elevate Organisational Success

Venkatesh Subbaraman - Regional Chief Operating Officer, ANZ 

  • Building RPA and intelligent automation into your organisational blueprint to enhance business agility
  • Rethinking strategic operational decisions including workforce and outsourcing to harness the full benefits of intelligent automation
  • Breaking down silos, getting organisational wide buy-in and leveraging robotics to build market leadership

Venkatesh Subbaraman

Regional Chief Operating Officer 



Enterprise cogntive solution case studies

Credit Suisse’s Head of Process Automation and Robotics dives in on utilizing cognitive solutions to build scale. Uday is set to offer the cautionary tale of ensuring enterprise readiness before adopting the next generation of your intelligent automation.  And then in addition to discovering integration techniques, he is set to offer case studies on cognitive applications in difficult regulatory environments. If your industry is heavily regulated, this session seems like it’s worth the trip.

Building a Scalable and Intelligent Cognitive RPA Program

Uday Singh - Head Process Automation and Robotics, Credit Suisse 

  • Developing enterprise readiness to reap the benefits of cognitive RPA
  • Integrating RPA with cognitive capabilities to advance operational efficiency and accuracy
  • Case studies for cognitive RPA applications in compliance processing, payments processing and asset servicing

Uday Singh, Head Process Automation and Robotics, Credit Suisse



Progressing towards cognitive automation

For good measure, the program boasts back-to-back sessions on lessons learned in progressing the enterprise towards cognitive automation.

First Bupa lays out the business case for cognitive automation tying in the IT challenges inherent with migrating to the technology and details how best to measure cognitive performance to ensure value for the organization. Standard Chartered Bank then dives in on how to utilize NLP to extract and classify your unstructured data.

Again, two can’t miss sessions:

Transitioning from RPA into Cognitive Automation

Dibya Basu - Head of Intelligent Automation, Bupa Australia & New Zealand 

  • Building a business case for cognitive automation across functions 
  • Identifying the key IT challenges during transitioning and how to effectively mitigate risks
  • Measuring the performance of cognitive RPA and demonstrating value to the organisation

Dibya Basu, Head of Intelligent Automation, Bupa Australia & New Zealand



The Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in RPA for Unstructured Data Extraction and Classification

Girish Sundaram - IT Director, Standard Chartered Bank 

  • Harnessing NLP for complex automation tasks
  • Identifying and selecting the right NLP system for your bots 
  • Assessing RPA performance after NLP integration  

Girish Sundaram, IT Director, Standard Chartered Bank

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