Pssst! What's in Store? Post-Summer Tips [RPA]

AiiA Editor

One of the most exciting opportunities right now is robotic process automation, otherwise referred to as RPA. While there is still a lot of uncertainty and misinformation about this in the marketplace, it’s getting a real boost from the fact that it allows companies pushing forward with digital platforms to connect, via RPA, with clunkier legacy systems. Traditionally, these connectivity would have involved either hiring or redirecting FTEs to provide the manual intervention is necessary. No longer.

Our 2016 State of the Shared Services Industry Survey clearly identified that RPA is neither well understood, nor yet implemented. But things are changing rapidly. Our flagship Shared Services and Outsourcing Week events, both in America as well as Europe, reflected the high interest and excitement around robotics for individual tasks or entire processes. 

To support better understanding we have put together a World Series of RPA in the run-up to the more traditional baseball World Series in October.  We will be presenting the best “players”, the best “strategies”, and the best “positions” for RPA to yield a big punch. Look out for case studies from EMC (which won 2 of our 2016 Excellence Awards for their RPA implementation earlier this year), Bank of Ireland (one of the most popular sessions at SSOWeek Europe, in May of this year), and Becton Dickinson. You'll also get insider tips from some of today's leading robotics consultants and solutions providers like Blue Prism, ISG, Automation Anywhere and UiPath.

If you’re going to engage in one place this year, make it SSON's RPA World Series.

Here’s what we’ve put together for you...

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