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As the global village confronts the human implications of Coronavirus, business grapples with being disrupted in an unprecedented fashion.

Global corporate enterprise has been completely altered by Coronavirus. Major businesses have shut doors and re-engineered supply chains with immediacy.

  • What are the real-time short and long-term lessons being learned?
  • What can you do now to mitigate the effect of this and future pandemics on your bottom-line?
  • What specific implications does this have on your AI & Intelligent Automation vision, strategy, plan and action?

Key sessions include: 

Short & Long-Term Macroeconomic Lessons 
Speaker: Freya Beamish, Chief Asia Economist, Pantheon Macro

  • SARS vs. Coronavirus
  • Synchronized Growth vs. Synchronized Downturn
  • Lessons learned from global macroeconomic behavior between pandemics
  • The effect of automation on the pandemic and the pandemic effect on automation

Short & Long-Term Microeconomic Lessons

  • Real-time evaluation of present actions taken
  • Current remaining options for global corporate enterprise
  • Examining the evolving role of intelligent automation in the face of real-time disruption

Real-time AI & Intelligent Automation Action
Speakers: Michael Xiao, DVP, Enterprise Data Science, Blue Cross Blue Shield; Tyrone Grandison, Board Chairman, The Data Drive Institute

  • What steps should global corporate enterprise take, skip or avoid completely?
  • How should the current roadmap be altered?
  • What are the lessons-learned that have already been realized?

speaker name

Michael Xiao

DVP Enterprise Data Science

Blue Cross  Blue  Shield

speaker name

Freya Beamish

Chief Asia Economist

Pantheon Macro

speaker name

Tyrone Grandison

Board Chairman

The Data Driven Institute

speaker name

Seth Adler


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