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Seth Adler

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From podcasts and articles to whitepapers, reports, and a  free eBook, below is our comprehensive collection of this summer's most popular process content. 


Podcasts & Videos

  1. Is there a bot in the background?

The fear around automation is that it will inevitably result in job losses, but the reality could be very different: human work is being augmented by AI to deliver a better service to customers - without losing the human touch. 

Manish Jain - Senior Director of Robotics and AI at RBC - joins us to talk about how the future is one of redeployment and game-changing development of the Silent Listener Chat Bot.


  1. How to empower business users with RPA, AI, and BPA tools

In this podcast, Fernando Nunes, senior process automation architect at Man Energy solutions, discusses his unique approach to IT and business. You will learn about:

  • Unique software engineering solutions for process excellence 
  • Removing obstacles and bottlenecks to empower the business line
  • How to organise your automation architecture 
  • Why RPA champions are vital in your ability to continuously improve
  • How to blend business into the centre of excellence 


  1. Venturing into the unknown

Complex organizations have complex problems - especially when they introduce new ideas and automation projects. 

Rob Phillips joins us and shares how his previous experience has given him an insight into solving automation problems at Canadian Tire. Rob says not all issues have a technology solution, and that being brave enough to venture into the unknown is crucial to problem solving.


  1. 6 domains for IA products

So your new automated process is ready to go. How do you move from planning to practice?

Lee Coulter from IEEE says there are six domains for IA products: architecture, config build, management, execution, orchestration and intelligence. Learn how it all works.


  1. Working with robots

Trevor Moore and Michael White from iGX Solutions explain why all business problems come down to process, the part that technology has to play in addressing these issues, and how robot workers can sit alongside their human counterparts.



  1. 70% agree: 'Robots are job creators'

A poll during the RPA LIVE 2019: Industry Insights & Takeaways online RPA event found that 70% of attendees believe robots are job creators. Read about other key insights in this event summary.


  1. Three ways improvement specialists impact automation

Process automation is a vital part of any business’ continuous improvement strategy, with more and more tools becoming available for increasing efficiency and reducing errors. This creates its own challenges though, as the overlapping worlds of process excellence and information technology don’t always blend well in practice.  Learn:

  • How improvement specialists can impact automation 
  • Why improvement specialists and IT are better together 


Free Downloadable Whitepapers & Reports

  1. Roadmap to RPA success

Robotic process automation (RPA) is driving massive increases in productivity and innovation across enterprises worldwide. By allowing companies to multiply workforce productivity and utilize data more effectively, these technologies can help companies partially or fully automate nearly any task.

In this Whitepaper, you will learn the key phases of a successful automation roadmap in order to understand and overcome thefive challenges of implementing RPA: 

  • Selecting the wrong targets
  • Resistance
  • Fear of job displacement
  • Automation awareness
  • Lack of planning


  1. 7 step guide to successful enterprise RPA

Would your organization benefit from taking an enterprise view of RPA? The quickest, easiest implementation of the cheapest robots available may not lead to long-term sustainable improvements, whereas taking the time to truly understand your organization’s processes first will mean you can apply RPA in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way.

In this Whitepaper you will learn:

  • Why an enterprise approach to RPA can fuel a shift in mindset within companies.
  • How to decide when RPA is the solution you need, how to best combine it with business process management (BPM).
  • The 7 steps to successful implementation.


  1. Creating an RPA center of excellence

In this whitepaper, a Center of Excellence (CoE) is proposed as the driver of enterprise-wide scaling to realize the benefits from RPA projects. This comprehensive guide details:

  • How to structure an RPA CoE
  • The roles and responsibilities within a CoE
  • How to get started, where to go for help

Download the whitepaper now to get started on bucking the trend of under-performing RPA projects.  


  1. Six simple ways to get moving with RPA

To harness RPA’s maximum potential, companies need a carefully crafted, methodical approach for execution. Optimized deployment of Robotic Process Automation relies on the understanding and execution of six well-established stages:

  • Learn what RPA is and what it is not
  • Identify potential RPA opportunities
  • Select initial use cases and define success criteria
  • Pilot solution for initial use case
  • Measure results and document lessons learned
  • Expand to next use case and repeat pilot, measure and expand steps

Download this whitepaper to learn more about these stages, and ensure your RPA project is one of the success stories. 


  1. 6 business outcomes to identify process related gaps

Vice President & Business Head of Analytics in LTI, Europe & Nordic Rakesh Sancheti explores how automation and cognitive machine-learning-based analytics can increase visibility and predictability into accounts receivable functions to deliver more value in some of the key focus areas for finance and accounting executives:  

Paper highlights:

  • How can you reduce overall costs for AR functions and maximize cash-flows?
  • How can you decrease working capital tied up in accounts receivables?
  • Learn how to generate deeper insight on customer payment behavior
  • Improve and identify process-related gaps and optimization opportunities
  • Learn how to anticipate write-offs with predictive capabilities
  • Become familiar with the ‘power of machine learning’


  1. Level up: shifting from RPA to cognitive

In this report, Ian Hawins looks at:

  • Dispelling the myths about where RPA and AI meet.
  • How supply and demand are fueling the technology revolution. 
  • Which industries are likely to find the technology most impactful. 
  • What strategies we can adopt when we consider investing in the new tech.


  1. How to build productive business solutions (Case Study)

If you are trying to optimise your workflow, read our latest case study and learn how process automation has been used to tackle these problems within professional services firm Grant Thornton:

  • Job Appraisal
  • Client Acceptance
  • Data Access Requests
  • Mobile Requests


Free Downloadable eBook

RPA + AI = competitive edge: eBook

When it comes to process excellence, we started the summer off with a bang. This eBook from Automation Anywhere explains what makes cognitive bots so valuable. With case studies including IBM's Watson, global banks and chatbots, this eBook will tell you: 

  • How cognitive bots can help your business
  • 4 advantages of cognitive automation
  • How to find out which processes would benefit from automation