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Seth Adler

Enterprise technology is constantly evolving. It can be hard to keep up, so we’ve collected September’s best materials for you. Whether you have 60 seconds to read an article or 60 minutes to benefit from an expert-led webinar, we have something for you.



The future of work: digital workplaces, automation... and more

Digital technologies have redefined what we mean when we use the term ‘work’. Digital platforms, automation, artificial intelligence, and other innovations are changing everything around us. As we look to the future, we know that major changes are going to take place, but what will drive the future of work and how can we prepare for it? Read this article to learn:

  • How to predict the future of work
  • How to centralize the workplace & decentralize the workforce
  • Why automation is key
  • How to move toward the future


Is it time for a new kind of process expert?

Continuous improvement is one of the cornerstones of process excellence. It mandates a sense of vigilance over business processes. You’re always looking for what doesn’t add value, striving for the most effective and efficient process. This article talks on how technology and process can work together, including:

  • Regularly evaluating your toolkit
  • How time and tech waits for no one
  • Opportunity for a new role



Edda Blumenstein Ph.D. discusses big data and transformational change [Podcast]

Edda Blumenstein is a Ph.D. researcher at Leeds University. In this episode, Edda zeroes in on big data’s role in the transformational process. Today’s buyers expect an experience and a relationship from the brands they choose to do business with. Edda explains why businesses need to implement educated decision making in order to stay competitive prepare for an unpredictable future.


Taking your digital transformation journey to the next level

Anil Bhavnani, Director BPO and Digital Transformation - India Site Leader at Pfizer, discusses a winning strategy for approaching digital transformation, covering topics such as driving integrations and optimizing processes to drive synergy back to the company.


A case study on bringing RPA tools together

Maria Salvatore, Director of Finance Operations at BMI Group, discusses her journey with RPA from both the individual and corporate lens. Salvatore touches on her personal experiences with RPA implementation, including the pain points, pilot, and ultimate success of RPA.



6 Resources to Help Your Shared Service Centre Exceed Expectations

Making the back office more efficient is a key driver for shared services professionals. But once you’re as efficient as possible, how can you get better? The answer lies in the automation of previously human processes – particularly e-invoicing and procurement.

  • Why now is the time to automate even further and take a look at a new type of outsourcing so you can innovate, using a combination of old and new technologies
  • How to address the challenges of being locked into an ERP that doesn’t’ do everything you need it to do, and how you can get around this to get true visibility
  • What advanced AP and SSC analytics look like so you can turn any blind spots into true insight, with the software equivalent of x-ray glasses


5 Keys to Designing the Future Finance Model

As finance leverages the benefits of Shared Services for its business customers and the enterprise at large, the model is undergoing constant change. Twenty years ago, the opportunities were primarily defined by cheaper, offshore resources.

Today, there are a number of trends that are driving an evolved finance Shared Services model. These include Centers of Expertise to drive value-add services; Robotic Process Automation as a replacement for human labor; a reassessment of outsourcing’s role and value; and new skills, roles, and recruitment tactics to enable the digital workplace.

This report covers these trends in detail, highlighting how, where, and why finance services need to evolve in order to meet the needs of the modern enterprise.


SSON Report: Attended Automation

Over the past few years there has been a tendency to describe everything as “RPA.” And yet, the options fall mainly into two camps: attended and unattended automation, each defined by the extent to which a given workflow can be automated, or human intervention is required to fulfill a process.

While terminology matters, so does choosing the right solution to meet your primary objective. By integrating attended robots into a desktop workspace, enterprises get the best out of robots and humans. Basic task automation deployed across all members of staff will have a significant impact on productivity.

Download the report for more insights on how attended can work for you.


Intelligent Automation Benchmarking Report

SSON recently surveyed SSO executives who have a vested interest in succeeding with intelligent automation. This report provides a real-time picture of how they are implementing IA: % processes automation; automation run time; investment dollars spent; etc. This is the data you really need to compare your progress.


What Can You Learn from the Best Minds in the Business?

How to optimize COEs was one of the hot topics at SSOW’s Autumn event, which took place on the West Coast of America last week. Others included talent, strategies for 2020, and globalization. Scott Madden’s Brad DeMent guided the discussions and connects all the threads in this fantastic summary.

Just to give you a flavor:

  • Automation opportunities should come from the business (pull not push)
  • Analytics played a role in reducing our recruiting cost from $91M to $79M in two years
  • Start as the “squirrel” and go after many quick wins vs. the superhero trying to tackle a giant problem
  • 84% of employees would be willing to leave current position for an organization with a better reputation
  • 24-year-old employees look at their phone 86 times per day, and how you can take advantage of that.


7 Tips on How to Succeed in Shared Services

While there is no easy transition to a centralised Shared Services model the right plan, strategy and change management approach will support successful implementation and deployment.

Download this free PDF for tips on how to succeed.



The Power of the Cloud

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Kofax, IDC and Access UK Ltd. and learn about the benefits of cloud vs. on-premise AP solutions.

You’ll hear about:

  • The importance of intelligent automation to AP and the role of the cloud platforms as an enabler.
  • AP transformation from Access Workspace including advice and lessons learned from their customers’ experiences moving to the cloud.
  • The latest release of Kofax ReadSoft Online™ and how it can help you process invoices quickly and efficiently with a faster return on investment.


3 Key Pillars that Drive Exceptional Performance

Watch this free on-demand webinar that explores 3 key pillars that drive exceptional performance.  The first pillar concentrates on collaborating, fostering, and nurturing a team-oriented environment through solutions that push the boundaries of sharing and working together.  The second is gamification, applying incentives and fun competition to the sometimes-laborious learning process.  Last, but not least, is on-the-spot insights, using AI to provide employees with real-time knowledge and information that is critical to their success.  

From the session you'll learn techniques on:

  • Achieving higher performance
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Having solutions do the work for you, instead of the other way around


Intelligent automation with a digital twin of an organization

Robotic process automation is being used by companies to automate repetitive tasks that would otherwise need to be carried out by humans. But leveraging RPA won’t solve your underlying process issues; it is just a bandage used to stop the bleeding. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the combination of process mining and process analysis improves the value and increases the success rate of RPA projects
  • Why most RPA projects only achieve limited ROI
  • Where and how to start building your own Digital Twin of an Organization


Are BPM and RPA two sides of the same coin?

Although BPM initiatives have seen widespread adoption, a growing number of organizations are investigating whether they can go even further using AI and ML techniques. What is the right automation formula: RPA vs. BPM or RPA + BPM? What are the key benefits and potential challenges of combining large scale BPM projects with quick and flexible PRA implementations? This on-demand webinar goes over:

  • How RPA reinforces BPM implementations 
  • What to expect - best practices and pitfalls to avoid 
  • How AI takes automation to the next level


Whitepapers & eBooks

Detecting and Preventing Financial Fraud

SAP Concur invited CFOs from some of Australia’s leading businesses to a series of roundtables where they discussed their cybercrime and fraud experiences and the risks facing their businesses, along with ways to combat them. This whitepaper explores that discussion and provides advice for businesses looking to tackle fraud

From this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How to protect your organisation against the risk of internal fraud
  • Types of financial frauds and ways to prevent and identify them
  • Technologies and practices to help organisations fight fraud and improve compliance


An insider's guide to digital transformation [eBook]

Businesses are undergoing radical digital transformations in response to the new tools and technologies available to them. With competitors taking strides in becoming more agile and responsive to customer demands, avoiding such transformations is not an option.

Digital transformation is complex, but with the right understanding of its elements, the necessary tools and the proper blueprint, you can harness the power and reap the rewards.

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • Critical elements to consider prior to launching your transformation and the factors that will impact your success
  • Six essential tools needed to manage and optimize a digital transformation.
  • How to use these tools to successfully apply your toolkit.