RPA in The Philippines

2nd Annual Robotic Process Automation Philippines March 20-21

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Seth Adler

The Philippines

The Philippines is indeed remotely located. That said, there are a few key sessions in this second installment of RPA Philippines which potentially justify getting there from wherever you are now. In particular, the HSBC “Scaling” session and the JPMorgan “Cognitive Solution” sessions promise answers that any global enterprise practitioner needs.

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Sustainable Scalability

Regionally speaking you can’t hope to have a more qualified executive speak to scaling IA than the CoE President for HSBC. Belinda Chen promises to discuss not only that her enterprise has scaled, but also how they’ve developed sustainable roadmaps to do so. If this session measures up to the billing, it might just be worth traveling a long distance to experience it.

Developing Sustainable RPA and Intelligent Automation Roadmaps to Scale Organisational Success

Belinda Chen - President and Centre Director, HSBC GSC Philippines 

  • Preparing a priority-based RPA and intelligent blueprint to enhance business and operational agility
  • Scaling up your workforce and resources to harness the full benefits of intelligent automation
  • Breaking down silos, getting organisational wide buy-in and establishing robotics as a business enabler

Belinda Chen, President and Centre Director, HSBC GSC Philippines


True ROI

Evaluating the true ROI of RPA through efficiency gains and cost savings risk reduction are discussion area focuses for Chevron, Panalpina and HSBC executives in this panel. It’s that use of the word “true” which is intriguing. The hope is that panelists are showcasing a spectrum of IA metrics that are easily digestible by the board and c-suite.

Evaluating RPA Success: Defining Metrics and Managing Performance to Drive Impactful Business Results

Debbie Oshman - IT Site Director, Chevron Manila Shared Services Center 
Belinda Chen - President and Centre Director, HSBC GSC Philippines 
Martin Gamboa - Head of Transformation, Panalpina Global Business Services 

  • Establishing operational and performance metrics to evaluate the true ROI of RPA
  • Assessing efficiency gains, cost savings, and risk reduction as a direct benefit of RPA
  • How else can we harness RPA to create sustainable business and customer value?

Debbie Oshman, IT Site Director, Chevron Manila Shared Services Center


Belinda Chen, President and Centre Director, HSBC GSC Philippines


Martin Gamboa, Head of Transformation, Panalpina Global Business Services



An overview of how NLP and OCR solutions are working for JPMorgan Chase is what’s promised in this session. And if Samir Kumar delivers on that promise, this session is indeed worth traveling a very far distance to experience.

Deploying Cognitive RPA Capabilities to Drive Operational Excellence in the Digital Age

Samir Kumar - Managing Director, Corporate and Investment BankJPMorgan Chase & Co. 

  • Harnessing the benefits of intelligent automation with machine learning applications such as NLP, OCR
  • Meeting the pre-requisites to ensure successful cognitive RPA projects
  • Re-skilling existing workforce to reap the benefits of intelligent automation and to ensure enterprise future-readiness

Samir Kumar, Managing Director, Corporate and Investment Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Cognitive Solutions

Answering the unanswered questions about cognitive solutions for your enterprise is what Steve Harris ANZ Manila and Tilak Banerjee of Conduent promise. Specific focus areas look to be talent and technology.

Addressing the Unanswered Questions of Cognitive RPA

Tilak Banerjee - Senior Director - Head of Global Shared Services Conduent 
Steve Harris - Managing DirectorANZ Shared Services Manila 

  • What are the nuances to developing the right cognitive ecosystem?
  • What are the steps to successfully implementing cognitive RPA?
  • How should we redesign talent, staffing and training strategies as intelligent automation changes the nature of work and organisational models?

Steve Harris, Managing Director, ANZ Shared Services Manila


Tilak Banerjee, Senior Director - Head of Global Shared Services, Conduent


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