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The business environment today is tough, challenging, and moving at exponential pacebut it’s also full of opportunities

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Technology continues to drive the organizational change agenda, but now it’s about making operations smarter and autonomous, defined primarily by the shift from humans consuming data, to machines consuming data and executing on a process.

Farsighted companies are already recognizing the convergence of digital, robotics process automation, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence into never before contemplated organizational models that build on the awareness generated by digital, leverage automation through robotics and rethink processing with the help of machine learning and augmented intelligence.

This 30-page maket report from the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network and EY introduces the concept of intelligent automation across all its capacities, starting with scripting and ending with artificial intelligence.

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It also explains the value and impact of each type of tool, how to determine whether your internal landscape can support different tools, core requirements, and the crucial role the state of your data plays in choosing the right solution.

“The truth is that despite all the reports around the value of digitalization, the vast majority of enterprises do not have a digital enterprise strategy nor a digital officer in place.”
Keith Strier, Principal, Americas Digital & Customer Strategy Leader, EY

AIIA Report

Download the SSON H1 2017 Global Intelligent Automation Market Report and learn how to:

  • Plan for a new operational model enabled by IA
  • Link what we have already learned about social, mobile, analytics, cloud and customer experience – and leverage it exponentially through analytics-based, intelligence-driven automation
  • Encourage a brand new way of thinking, away from traditional “roadmaps” based on sequential targets to a culture of agile learning and discovery
  • Succeed where “digital” fell short
  • Understand that IA’s true value lies in helping to execute corporate strategy and sustain the constant adoption of change
  • Unravel why IA is “real” and not just “more hype”
  • Consider IA’s evolving role in business services
  • Solve the right problem with the right provider and the right tool.

As the technical landscape continues to expand, organizations are finding themselves on a transformative journey that started in the 1950s with Alan Turning, who proposed the concept of computers being intelligent, effectively spawning a new era of Computer Science.

In the near future, organizations will learn to embrace machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation in ways never before possible. The lower cost of computing, storage, and bandwidth, alongside amazing new tools, are rapidly enabling a truly intelligent enterprise.

Download the 30-page Global Intelligent Automation Market Report now.




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