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Seth Adler

2020 promises to be a pivotal year for the customer experience. Stay on top of the latest trends, tactics, and technologies to keep your enterprise relevant with this December resource roundup.


[WEBINAR] Triple your CX impact with artificial intelligence and these five tactics

Attend this webinar on February 26th or bookmark it to review the on-demand recording at your convenience.

It is not enough to simply claim to be customer obsessed. In a climate where a moment of inconvenience could be enough to push customers to switch to your competitor, brands have no choice but to deliver what customers want. To do this with accuracy, brands need to consistently plug themselves into various sources of customer feedback.

But the reality is 91% of feedback is not properly used today, with many businesses overwhelmed by the task of processing the high volumes of insights and the soaring costs when deployed at scale.

This webinar, featuring case studies from the likes of Microsoft and Sonos, is a step-by-step guide on what it takes to drive value from unstructured CX feedback, providing insights on the set-up needed to allow text analytics to thrive.

This webinar includes:

  • Why it is an issue to not fully leverage unstructured customer feedback and why it is not enough to be customer obsessed. Guests from Microsoft and Sonos explain their former challenges.
  • Text Analytics with Augmented AI: How to codify messy text data with human-like precision and great granularity.
  • Get better feedback with an AI-powered probing-bot-plugin to every CX survey.
  • The key hidden drivers of CX using AI-powered key driver analysis.
  • Make it easy and fun to interact with results for internal business partners.
  • Predict results of actions and become immortal when predictions become reality.


[PODCAST] Coca-Cola director of business on ensuring successful digital transformation

In this week’s episode of the CXN Podcast, Max Just opens by discussing the importance of improving the employee experience with a focus on people “inside the tent.”

For business, the aim should be to attract and inspire employees in order to enrich the lives of customers. A positive employee experience greatly influences the customer experience your staff provides. HR and procurement services aren’t enough anymore to satisfy today’s employee. Instead, employees expect a seamless digital experience more on par to the one they experience in their day-to-day dealings. If a company feels archaic to an employee, they are less likely to feel like they belong.


ROI is the biggest challenge to implementing artificial intelligence in CX

In the CX Network Artificial intelligence in customer experience report, we asked 102 CX experts for their experiences with artificial intelligence and machine learning in CX.
When we asked respondents what their biggest challengers are, linking CX initiatives to ROI came out on top, with 36 percent. This article explores that finding.


2020: The year of significant CX transformation

As 2019 draws to a close, we speak to new CX Network advisory board member, Michelle Huenink, director of customer and field engagement customer service and support at Microsoft. She discusses how she has seen the CX industry develop in the last 12 months as well as her thoughts on the CX trends to watch in 2020.


How VoC data has won NPS boosts for Zurich Insurance

There are great benefits to letting your customers do the talking. At Medallia’s London City Tour event, CX Network spoke to Clairy Moraitou, Global Head of Customer Insights and Analytics; and Monika Schulze, Global Head of Customer and Digital Experience at Zurich Insurance to discover how the insurance brand is using customer insights to accelerate and personalize experiences.


2020 Marketing Trend You Can’t Ignore… Even If You Want To

Maybe you’re an avid user, maybe you watch too many Gary Vee videos, or maybe you’ve only heard of it because your kids finagled you into buying them an iPhone X on Black Friday. Regardless of the reason, you’ve heard of the quirky social media app that’s commanding digital marketing analysts’ attention: TikTok. This article goes over:

  1. The origin of TikTok
  2. How brands are capitalizing including:
  • Chipotle
  • NBA
  • Sony


The Psychology Behind Personalized Customer Experience

According to research conducted by the Harvard Business Review, when we experience an interaction with a product or service, we “want to feel as if the interaction was the result of human agency rather than some abstract automation.” Even if a gift/product is physically the exact same, humans enjoy one more so when we’re aware of the authenticity and higher perceived value than those of which are impersonalized. 

While automation is a necessity in the competitive digital era dependent upon operational efficiency, businesses are often so hyper-focused on cutting costs and improving productivity that they forget an imperative component that technological advantages provide: the ability to make simple tasks easier so we can focus on personalizing experiences. 


Cyber Monday Gives Insights into 2020 Consumer Behavior Trends

Cultural shopping surges centered around holiday discounts like Black Friday and Cyber Monday obviously don’t constitute typical spending behavior for customers. However, as consumers capitalize on deals, temporarily emptying their wallets because they can, there are large quantities of actionable customer data collected and consumer trends worth observing, giving analysts insights for 2020 purchasing trends.

For example, where are U.S. customers spending the most? What marketing strategies are prompting customers to spend? Most importantly, how are they spending? 

If businesses can identify emerging purchasing trends, they can target consumers at the right touch points to deliver fast and convenient purchasing experiences sparked by strategic advertising and emotional reactions. 


2020 Customer Experience Differentiator: Gaining Brand Publicity Through Better Search

IBM estimates that 90% of the world's online data has been created in the past two years. In other words, content is being posted to the internet at a faster rate than ever. Much of that content is explored through Google, controlling 88% of the search market, as the world’s most powerful search engine and reigning champion of language processing. 

This article covers how to overcome the issue of oversaturated content by partnering with cloud-based search companies to deliver more reliable content, increase relevant search results, enhance brand reputation, and deliver optimal customer experiences to niche target markets.


From AI Crossovers to AI Chatbots: The NBA Has Found a New Cheat Code

Predictive analytics and AI generated algorithms are being used throughout the professional sports industry in more ways than play calls and decisions consumers view on the surface. In fact, AI is dictating how NBA consumers view the sport period. This article covers:

  • NBA personalizing the consumer experience
  • Streamlining content through GameOn
  • The bigger picture of ML and AI


[SPECIAL REPORT] The Modern Programmable Contact Center

As contact center leaders think about the future, they first look to eliminate consumers’ conditioned expectations of being put on hold, deflected through IVR, transferred between agents, and being asked to repeat information throughout the customer experience.

To achieve this, contact centers will need to be agile, which means acting on insights in real time, having the ability to evolve and manage their KPIs, and improve their technology stack and workforce in a changing competitive landscape.

In this special report, you’ll learn what’s holding contact centers back. More importantly, you’ll learn how to turn your contact center into a proactive and predictive data center, improve digital channels and communication, and so much more.


[WEBINAR] Untapped Opportunities: What You Should Know About IVR

Today customers depend on the voice channel more than ever to resolve complex issues they can’t address through other channels. Callers get frustrated when they can’t get the information they need quickly. Too often, poorly designed IVRs cause a bottleneck in the customer journey resulting in bad customer experiences. Therefore it isn’t a surprise that recent data shows 83% would avoid a company after a poor experience with an interactive voice response.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Offer an IVR experience that drives optimal customer journeys that increase efficiency and deliver better business results.
  • Easily create IVR voice applications without coding.
  • Use data to gain a better understanding of how end-users interact with your voice application so you can continuously identify areas of improvement.
  • Effectively collect customer feedback and link it to specific customer-agent interactions.