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Seth Adler

Now that the rush of the New Year is over, it’s time to deep dive on how to improve your customer experience. February’s roundup on the customer experience ranges from quick, two-minute reads to more intensive, dense materials such as webinars, industry reports, and e-books.


Customer Experience Metrics Checklist

To survive in this new decade businesses need a measurement system that gives true visibility on how customers perceive the brand. Here, CX Network presents a checklist to embed into customer metrics strategies so they truly capture perspectives and provide the needed guidance to lock in customer loyalty.

Included in this article:

  • Looking beyond a single score
  • Selecting the metrics that are fundamental to your bottom line
  • Going beyond the traditional tried-and-tested measures
  • Using the metric as a compass to align stakeholders
  • Following the golden rule of measurement: don’t just listen, act


10 Tips to Fast-Track Your AI in CX Journey

The Artificial Intelligence In Customer Experience report which involved 102 CX experts saw a 50/50 split between the professionals that are yet to start their implementation journey and those who are already working with the technology, with one in five of these being established or mature in their practice of AI and machine learning in their organisation.

This landscape represents a slight progress on previous year’s report, which had a 60/40 split in favour of those who had not started on their AI journey. This growth highlights AI is a strategic development in CX which is here to stay. This article offers 10 quick tips on how to fast-track your AI CX journey.


How Microsoft Translates Customer Insights into Pure Business Need

As today’s customers are bombarded with surveys and emails, feedback response rates can suffer. This environment leaves brands scrambling to get the insight they need to drive their businesses forward. Microsoft’s customer service and support team has discovered a recipe for CX success using customer feedback which has unlocked several business benefits and reduced the volume of customer complaints.

In this article, Michelle Huenink, director of customer service and Melinda Ritchie, business program manager at Microsoft give us a look into their customer service and support team at the multinational technology company.


Making the Business Case for CX and Contact Center Investments

Whilst “organizations have matured in their understanding of the business outcomes that CX delivers” (Gartner), many leaders will still need to present a solid business case to galvanise decision makers in their organizations into action.

This article covers how to get started, including details on how to:

  • Make sure your key decision makers actually care about the business case you want to make
  • Try to establish reliable links between contact center improvements and business results
  • Define the customer behavior that creates value for your business


What Amazon’s “Go Grocery” has in Store for the Future of Commerce

Already dominating the e-commerce industry for the past decade, last Tuesday, Amazon unveiled a new supermarket prototype that relies more on automation than human effort — “a controversial, job-killing business model that CEO Jeff Bezos had dismissed as nutty three years ago,” the New York Post recently reported. 

This article explores:

  • The Amazon effect
  • The argument over job-replacing automation
  • Amazon’s rebuttal


The Subscription Economy and how it’s Changing Customer Experience as we Know It

As consumers, it’s not an unrealistic idea to say that in the near future, the vast majority of our daily customer experiences and interactions with brands will revolve around the surging subscription economy.

This article touches on:

  • How brands inform what you’re going to read next, rather than making it a ‘one size fits all’ experience
  • Thinking of the subscription economy as an 'everything-as-a-service model


Instilling Social Customer Experience in your Marketing Strategy

“Remarkable CX can be your biggest Marketing differentiator,” bestselling author and keynote speaker, Dan Gingiss, recently told us. 

And anyone who has met Dan will tell you that he genuinely believes this.

You may be thinking that this a bold statement. But if I was to ask you, what do Chick-fil-A, Amazon, Apple, Zappos and Trader Joe’s have in common? Your response would probably entail something along the lines of “good customer service.” This is the case because each of these brands are industry leaders in their respective markets in this particular category. And to a degree, most consumers are aware of it.

This article contains more of Dan’s insights, including:

  • An example of speed, personification, and frictionless solutions
  • How there’s no such thing as an offline experience


It Takes More than Technology to Create Great Digital Customer Experiences, Says Jim Champy

Digitizing processes is only partially about applying new technologies. A “front end” AI technology is often only a partial solution to a deeper operational problem. There are operational processes, behind a technology, that must operate well to improve a customer experience. When those processes are internally fragmented - or fragmented across multiple companies - the challenge of delivering a good customer experience dramatically increases.

In this article, Jim Champy, New York Times bestseller, discusses:

  • Shouting at chatbots
  • The challenge of fragmentation
  • The dreaded journey through healthcare
  • Transparency
  • Fixing your own processes first, then engaging with your partners
  • Not just changing the front end of your business, but going deep


New AI Marketing Platform MoEngage Doubling Down On Personalization

This article discusses common pain point that many brands struggle with incluidng capturing actionable analytics so that we can make better decisions, personalize services for customers, and generate quality customer experiences. 

Also covered is:

  • How personalization is not about in-depth conversations
  • Why digital transformation is lagging behind customer expectations
  • Why MoEngage is emerging as popular solution provider


How to Measure Customer Value

Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to twenty-five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. 

Why? To put it simply, you don’t always have to spend costly resources targeting new clients and first-time customers — you just have to keep the ones you have happy.

Research done by Frederick Reichheld shows a 5% increase in customer retention rates increases profits by 25% to 95%. 

This article answers customer value questions like:

  • Why not all leads are created equally 
  • Do you have an acquisition or retention problem?
  • When is it okay to break company policy?
  • How to ensure CLV


[MARKET STUDY] State of Contact Center Technology

This market study reveals how to rethink the technology landscape to achieve unprecedented customer contact value. With helpful stats, analyst recommendations and real-world case studies, it’s your ticket to making technology an asset rather than a liability.

Topics include:

  • What are the biggest contact center objectives, and what role is technology playing?
  • What are the biggest mistakes when it comes to contact center technology?
  • Are internal power struggles hurting contact center technology?
  • Is automation living up to the hype? Is journey mapping transforming CX?
  • What are the most important factors when investing in new tools?


[SPECIAL REPORT] Omnichannel Chatbots

It is time to rethink how today’s consumer engages with chatbots.

We’re already aware of the theoretical power of the technology. We already know chatbots have the potential to transform how brands and consumers interact. However, as seen in this report, while more than 71% of consumers are open to using bot technology, only 9% currently trust chatbots to solve meaningful issues. 

This special report details:

  • The most common mistakes in chatbot engagement
  • Exclusive insights from a Customer Experience WSJ and NYT bestselling author, Lyft social media lead, CCW analysts’ and Salesforce research
  • 5 solutions and strategies to implement more intelligent chatbot technologies
  • Emerging digital transformation trends in the CX realm


[SPECIAL REPORT] CX Fraud Prevention

Not merely a focus for your security and compliance team, fraud strategy plays a critical role in cultivating an empowering, customer-centric contact center function. Many contact centers have, unfortunately, been missing the boat. Their fraud strategies lead to upset customers and disgruntled agents -- without even boosting security.

This special report reveals a more productive approach to CX fraud prevention including:

  • 5 trends making fraud prevention an especially urgent contact center focus
  • Tips for balancing security, agent centricity and customer centricity
  • Mistakes many companies make when addressing CX fraud
  • Security concerns most companies are forgetting to address
  • 6 ways to use technology and humanity to improve contact center security


[SPECIAL REPORT] Customer Experience as a Service

Customer-centric businesses know that quality consumer experience extends beyond contact center platforms, from contact center as a service (or CCaaS) to CXaaS (customer experience as a service). CXaaS also includes other enterprise systems (from closely related tools like social monitoring, to broader company systems and designs like application interaction, in-store technologies, agent desktops and CRM systems, cloud supported CX and omnichannel orchestration).

Through CCW research and case study driven examples displayed throughout this report, you’ll discover:

  • 5 New strategies and techniques on how to deliver CX as a service.
  • How to increase your revenue by doubling down on cutting edge CX trends.
  • How to improve customer relationships through better technology and long term communication strategies.


[WHITEPAPER] Your Guide to Profiting from the $350bn Disruption in the Customer Service Industry

This research features insights from over 400 decision makers on conversational service automation to reveal the true business impact of this tectonic shift in customer service that enables a path to digital transformation and address immediate customer issues. Given the results of this study, it is strongly evident that enterprises around the globe are on the cusp of conversational service automation “self-realization”. 

Download this white paper to drive transformational customer experience and learn:

  • The migration of speech analytics from point solution to real-time customer journey orchestration
  • The new generation of conversational analytics and automation: conversational service automation
  • Why conversational analytics is becoming a broadly adopted core technology with enterprise-wide impact
  • How brands are achieving digital transformation and business outcomes with impressive ROI, thanks to conversational service automation.
  • How you can stay ahead of the curve in the $350bn customer service industry by embracing proven technologies and methodologies.


[WHITEPAPER] Measuring Voice of the Customer

To create a positive customer experience, you need to listen to your customers throughout every conversation. Speech analytics provides unique VoC insight by monitoring conversational behaviors with focus that is created from categorization, tagging and scoring of 100% of interactions with customers. This provides the deep level of understanding needed to create positive customer interactions every time.

Download this whitepaper for practical insights, including:  

  • Methods for measuring the Voice of the Customer
  • The top contact channels your brand should listen to
  • Ways to respond to caller sentiment data
  • Common sentiment trends in certain customer segments


[WEBINAR] Boost Conversion Rates with Perfectly Timed Channel Integration

In this webinar, the CX technology expert will reveal how to manage customer service call volumes while increasing quality as you seamlessly embed click-to-call into the customer experience.

View this free, on-demand webinar to learn: 

  • Why phone/voice is still the most preferred customer service channel
  • How WebRTC seamlessly fits in the online customer experience compared to traditional phone calls
  • The minimum effort and maximum value of integrating click-to-call
  • The key to providing global customer service voice access
  • Ways to increase conversion and engagement in the online customer journey
  • Tactics to maximize customer feedback after phone calls
  • How to facilitate anonymous access


[WEBINAR] 7 Little Known Ways to Eliminate Customer Pain Points

Join Haris Azmi, SoGoSurvey and Brian Cantor, CCW Digital, for this 45-minute webinar featuring exclusive research, practical recommendations and real-world CX success stories.

You’ll learn how to identify stumbling blocks that create undue effort and hassle for your customers. More importantly, you’ll learn how to address these issues and create the kinds of seamless CX journeys that yield lasting loyalty and business growth. 

Topics include:

 The biggest CX mistakes - and why they matter

  • Strategies for creating a self-funding CX program
  • Building personalization into your program even when relying on automation 
  • Practical advice on how to digitize despite fragmented customer journeys


[FREE E-BOOK] Low-Code App Development Trends in APAC

Download this eBook to access strategic insights on how low-code methods can bolster your brand’s ability to adapt to the digital demands of customers, including:

  • How low code solutions are being applied in APAC
  • How low code solutions are enhancing customer experiences
  • Key implementation learnings from Indonesia, the most advanced APAC country in the low code arena
  • Ways to fast-track the development of customer facing applications
  • Techniques to overcome the skill-gap that suffocates many digital ambitions
  • Accelerated time to market with rapid prototyping


[FREE E-BOOK] Five Key Components to Personalizing the Loyalty Experience

Positioned at the core Publicis Groupe, Epsilon is a leader in interaction management. Thier data-led marketing delivers unmatched depth, breadth and scale to help brands turn meaningful human interactions into exceptional business outcomes.

Epsilon’s ebook covers five key components to personalizing the entire customer experience so it is tailored to each individual in your customer base.

Gain practical insights to apply in your business, including:

  • Loyalty personalization assessment: A framework to reconsider current and future loyalty personalization efforts to improve execution.
  • Strategy development: Ways to develop a personalization strategy at both the brand and program level.
  • Data capture and selection: To mobilize individualization measures that perform, brands need the right strategies and data to guide them. They also need to be supported by a robust technology stack which is able to capture data and deliver interactions
  • Actionable insights: Discover how United Airlines used actionable insights and machine learning capabilities to boost web conversions by 12 percent.
  • Technology integration: How to best evaluate tech infrastructure on its ability to treat customers as individuals, anticipate their unique needs and engage them in purposeful conversations.