AiiA March Roundup on: Process

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Seth Adler

Business processes are changing before our very eyes. Generation Z is entering the workforce. Global pandemics are changing the way we do business. March’s resource roundup includes articles, reports, and podcasts to help you keep up.


Employing Emergency Measures to Work Efficiently During Periods of Rapid Change

As the Covid-19 crisis forces businesses and their employees to adapt to change rapidly, remote workers are finding themselves looking for a solution that supports their changing circumstances in a structured, reliable and traceable manner.

This article discusses:

  • How to be efficient when working remotely
  • Mitigating risk and meeting regulatory obligations


Three Ways to Engage Gen Z in the Process Conversation

Much has been written about the place of Millennials in today’s business context, and while debates rage over the pros and cons of that generation’s contribution to the workforce, another group is quietly slipping into organizations and establishing careers for themselves. Gen Z are the recent graduates, the interns and new hires that will rapidly begin to have an impact on the world around them.

This article covers how to engage this next wave of energetic minds through process management including:

  • Making it visual
  • Enabling two-way conversations
  • Creating a dynamic environment
  • Simulating the app experience


Intelligent Automation: RPA and AI Report 2020

By focusing on first-hand accounts of automation in different sectors, this report reveals that however smart the robots get, the most valuable intelligence resides in the PEX professionals who are using the latest intelligent technologies in the right way. It also addresses automation’s limitations and the strategies needed to fully explore the potential of IA.

Download this report to discover:

  • How to take advantage of the possibilities of intelligent automation.
  • Why humans are indispensable to automation success.
  • How automation is being used to digitize manual processes and achieve millions of dollars in ROI.
  • The three IA questions Microsoft asks to improve internal processes.


Analyst Report: Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for Process Mining Technology Vendors 2020

Process automation is driving the need for enterprises to review and optimize processes and gain insights before automating them, in turn fueling demand for technologies such as process mining.

This whitepaper covers:

  • What the competitive landscape looks like for Process Mining
    • The things that matter when it comes to choosing a solution
    • Why Celonis is leading the pack


Six Simple Ways to Get Moving with RPA

Over half of all companies are on their way to RPA adoption, with experts expecting this number to rise to 72 per cent within the next two years.

Unfortunately, the data also suggests that as many as 50 per cent of initial RPA projects fail due to poor planning, lack of adequately trained technical staff, unrealistic expectations, or other unforeseen obstacles.

This whitepaper covers:

  • How to overcome the roadblocks to RPA adoption
  • Understanding where your business is on the automation spectrum - and how to take it where it should be
  • Six steps for beginning your RPA program to ensure your business is in the right place to expand the technology further as required


Podcast Interview: Florida Hospital Innovation Lab’s Karen Tilstra on the Process to Innovation

In conversation with PEX Network, Florida Hospital Innovation Lab co-founder Karen Tilstra argues that the process to innovation should form part of a business’s multifaceted journey of learning and discovery. Using the downward spiral of Sears as a prime example, Tilstra explains why she believes that brands who think they know what is best for their customers, rather than interacting with them, will find themselves at the beginning of the end. She also looks at whether the value of the typical enterprise growth mentality of “grow or die” is a myth or a reality.


Podcast Interview: Intel's Steven Remsen on Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement in Process Mining

Steven Remsen, Manager of Enterprise Process Excellence at Intel Corporation, speaks to host Seth Adler about the latest process mining developments, the strengths of traditional mapping methods, and the three basic steps of process mining from the academic space.