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Seth Adler

Due to the unique circumstances surrounding March’s resource roundup regarding your customer, all materials related to Covid-19 are listed first. Exclusive how-to guides, articles, special reports, and free on-demand webinars follow.


A Case Study with Arise Virtual Solutions: The Pioneer of Work-From-Home

To provide customer-centric organizations with viable work-from-home solutions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CCW Digital has recently been in contact with Arise Virtual Solution Inc, the pioneer of work-from-home solutions in the contact center. According to Arise, recent studies indicate that the coronavirus could affect over 5 million businesses worldwide. That prediction is growing rapidly by the day, as there’s no complete or definitive timeframe of the COVID-19 pandemic’s long-term impact on GDP or the global economy.

This article on the Arise case study covers:

  • The fall of brick-and-mortar contact centers
  • The cold reality
  • Leveling up with the Arise Platform
  • Success stories
  • The story of a previous crisis


Covid-19: Customer Care and Employee Experience in Times of Widespread Social Stress

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) dominating the headlines, many businesses are starting to contemplate how this outbreak could shift customer needs and employee expectations. Rather than basing decisions on internal bias and gut feelings in the boardroom, brands should let the customers do the talking. Real-time visibility on voice of the customer data will be crucial to brands acting in a timely and relevant manner to overcome new customer pain points that surface due to the outbreak.

This article discusses:

  • Listening to VOC
  • Supply chain planning and digital channels
  • Communication with consumers and frontline staff
  • Employee experience


Delivering Winning Customer Experiences with a Remote Workforce

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect various areas of the world, now more so than ever, teams depend on technology to communicate, collaborate, stay connected and deliver meaningful customer experiences while minimizing risks to safety and health.

This resource provides readers with best practice tips to foster a more connected, collaborative culture so customers can receive the experiences they need at this sensitive time. Insight is shared on goal-setting, communication and meeting guidelines, boosting morale and more.

Download to:

  • Preserve and maximize the quality of the brand experiences your customer receives despite the disruptive environment
  • Enable employees to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device so they can stay productive
  • Optimize your brand’s ability to field new customer care requirements and daily business activities with minimum disruption


Global Contact Center Trends During COVID-19 Pandemonium

As the continued spread of COVID-19 disrupts workflow management and demands miraculous operational shifts from industries around the globe, the customer service department is no outlier. In fact, the contact center is currently serving as the world’s living, breathing result of economic pandemonium.

Contact center agents, sales reps, and marketers (as the primary consumer-oriented departments experiencing the oxymoronic, never-ending aftermath), are increasingly being ordered to work from home (as you probably knew). But the wheel hasn’t stopped turning. 

This article discusses the effects of Covid-19 such as:

  • AI advancement like you’ve never seen before
  • Standardized remote practices for the future
  • Financial trade-offs


What You Should Know About the Coronavirus

To provide customer-centric organizations with viable work-from-home solutions and educational complementary media throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CCW Digital has recently been in contact with Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. According to Arise, recent studies indicate that the coronavirus could affect over 5 million businesses worldwide. That prediction is growing rapidly by the day (as there’s no complete or definitive timeframe of the COVID-19 pandemic’s long-term impact on GDP or the global economy). 

Among other things, this article discusses going digital:

“We hope that you prioritize the health of your family, friends, co-workers, customers and selves first. Then search for innovative digital alternatives to invest in your businesses’ future, second. Because, believe me, they exist.”


Will Coronavirus Lead to More Security Fraud? You Bet

While the business world is focused on the economic threat and digital transformation operations behooved by the novel coronavirus, cybercriminals around the world have been capitalizing on the crisis, spreading a new kind of “virus” that employees and customers fear. 

Covered in this article:

  • The surge in cyber attacks
  • How to protect your employees
  • How to protect your customers


AI, Customer Trust, KM, Agent Empowerment & More: 10 Highlights From "Contact Center Technology" Online Event

Are you looking to elevate your contact center operation while creating more efficient and memorable connections with customers?

Many of those with an affirmative answer attended CCW Online: The State of Contact Center Technology last week. The complimentary, two-day online event featured a variety of industry analysts, customer experience executives and technology leaders detailing the biggest challenges and opportunities in the world of technology. From guidance on how to resolve lingering problems to tips for sourcing the hottest new solutions, they provided an actionable roadmap for success.

If you want to improve your contact center but missed the event, do not worry! You can still register for the event and access all sessions on demand. This article contains session highlights.


Rules for Self-Service in Customer Experience

The beauty of self-service is that both the customer and the organization can benefit from it.

However, do not simply roll out self-serve channels for the sake of it, without knowing exactly the use cases it would support. The goal is to be smarter and more efficient in resolving customer problems, not give a new channel to frustrate your customer. Without proper planning, a self-service-first strategy will backfire, create significant reworks, added costs and erode customer trust.

The five rules detailed in this article are:

  1. Ask yourself: Are you doing it for the right reasons?
  2. Know thy customers
  3. Know thy toolbox: select the correct self-serve format
  4. Become experts at exception-handling
  5. Resist the temptation to add unnecessary friction


The Problem with Digital Transformation (Featuring Adidas Golf President, Jeff Leinhart)

According to the WSJ and Economic Times, 70% of digital transformation initiatives do not achieve intended results. This stat has become common knowledge among financial analysts, customer experience experts, and digital marketers alike.

This article looks at:

  • Why the vast majority of digital transformations fail
  • Looking deeper at what is behind the stats
  • The Adidas approach


How-To Guide: How to Improve Self Service

The term customer empowerment has been a trending topic in not only the contact center but the entire world of consumerism. The concept signifies the behavioral economic and cultural shift in the way consumers and service-oriented brands interact – the stats behind what consumers are demanding and what “customer centric” businesses are actually giving them. 

Featuring insights from The CCW Digital analyst team, as well as Verizon’s VP of Global Sales and Service Centers, this guide will help you learn how to: 

  • Determine and shape customer expectations with a methodical strategy
  • Re-think the state of self-service channels like chatbots
  • Instill gamification to improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Operationalize boring processes through app integration
  • Incorporate automation to increase humanization and drive positive culture


How-To Guide: How to Assess Data Quality in an Omnichannel World

In a time where consumers expect seamless omnichannel services from companies so they don’t have to endure fragmented conversations that are riddled with disconnections, Epsilon presents this guide on how vetting data quality can increase returns on marketing investment and strengthen brand experiences.

The insights in this guide include:

  • Key assessment criteria to evaluate data quality
  • Recommendations on how brands should navigate each criteria to optimize your marketing data strategy
  • A data quality checklist to evaluate your brand’s maturity level in this field and next steps to take


Special Report: Customer Contact Vision for 2025

For all the talk about customer centricity, most customers still expect to fight their way through a dead-end IVR, endure multiple transfers and repeat their information to agents who have zero context on who they are or why they’re calling.

It is time to eliminate these frustrating pain points. It is time to create seamless, omnichannel journeys that make effective use of customer-centric strategy, empowered agents and powerful technology. What willl it take to deliver this type of CX? Our new report Customer Contact Vision for 2025 has the answers.

Topics include:

  • Recommendations for how self-service and social media can transform the CX of the future
  • Tips for unlocking immensely actionable insights from all contact channels
  • Insight into finally achieving the elusive 360-degree customer view
  • Best practices for balancing AI with human support
  • Guidance for turning CX initiatives into coveted business outcomes


Special Report: AI for Agents

Your goal is to let “automation handle simple tasks so that agents can focus on complex ones.” What happens if you get what you want?

Many overlook this all-important question, neglecting to consider the fact that their agents will need better tools, better training and a more empowering environment in order to handle this increasingly complex work. With a higher standard for engagement, agents require a higher-caliber contact center experience.

The impetus for this dilemma, AI can also be the solution. It can help agents become more focused, productive and customer-centric -- and this special report reveals how.

Topics include:

  • 4 essential qualities for the next-generation Contact Center Agent
  • Why your current agent experience is falling short
  • Tips for improving training, unifying the CX and empowering agents in “moments of truth”
  • 6 specific ways AI can improve efficiency and productivity, while increasing call quality and streamlining knowledge management


Special Report: Contact Center Security and Fraud Prevention

The overwhelming majority of consumers fear fraud increasing in their daily lives. And NICE Enterprise research confirms that 1 in 4 Americans fell victim to fraud in 2019.

This report is your guide to a more qualified, more empowering customer contact environment. After revealing why standard security measures are so problematic, this report offers a clear and concise blueprint for rethinking your strategy to the biggest problem in the contact center: fraud.

This report includes information on:

  • What’s really driving contact center fraud
  • How fraudsters think
  • How to outsmart them
  • How to incorporate real-time authentication
  • How to secure each of your channels through an omnichannel approach


On-Demand Webinar: Omnichannel Masterclass: Build Experiences Customers will Love

This omnichannel masterclass will empower viewers to create customer journeys and interactions that can flow across a range of contact channels. In this session, Syniverse’s senior director of product management will explore:

  • Brand new engagement channels like RCS, WhatsApp and more
  • How these channels can be powered by chatbots to automate customer conversations
  • Traps to avoid when automating conversations
  • Building an intelligent messaging strategy
  • Implementing an omnichannel solution effectively
  • How to pick the best messaging provider for your needs
  • Creating a seamless experience with channel orchestration and message flow management
  • The importance of reaching your customers in their channel of choice
  • Offering your customers the right channel at the right time with preference management
  • Save time and resources with the right communication platform


On-Demand Webinar: Tips to Meet Rising Customer Expectations, While Keeping Support Costs Low

This webinar will empower CX professionals to provide seamless interactions customers will applaud by fixing broken omnichannel experiences and minimizing support costs.

In this webinar, Helpshift's Founder and chief strategy officer, Abinash Tripathy will explore:

  • How to deliver a scalable solution that empowers agents and engages customers
  • Ways to use integrated self-service, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart ticketing to deliver world-class support
  • How traditional centers can bridge the gap to digital support to leverage messaging, AI, and chatbots


eBook: Chatbots in Customer Experience: eBook

In this eBook, CX Network presents key learnings from three CX experts at brands that are experimenting with chatbots: Heineken, Calderdale Council, and Versus Arthritis. The lessons from each case study offer advice for CX practitioners on how to successfully integrate chatbots into their customer journeys and avoid the common growing pains of implementation.

Here are just a few of the insights contained in the eBook:

  • Key chatbot metrics to track the performance of your bots
  • Methods to safeguard the input quality of chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Tactics to make the leap from chatbots to virtual assistants
  • Rules to obey with chatbots and human escalation
  • Tips for proving ROI (return on investment) with chatbots and virtual assistants