AiiA summer roundup on GBS

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Seth Adler

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There's a little something for everyone in our summer roundup of the top 7 articles, webinars, and case studies on all things GBS.


  1. Using Process Mining to Removing Operational Friction in Shared Services 

Both Shared Services Organizations (SSOs) and Process Mining (PM) aim at improving performance and compliance of operational processes. The key idea of Shared Services is to share efforts and resources for processes that are common among organizations or departments. This article dives deep on:

  • The definition of process mining
  • How to remove operational friction in SSOs
  • How you can start with process mining
  • How RPA integrates with process mining


  1. How to be Assured of Achieving Automation Success 

While Automation is brimming with immense potential, the fact is that 30-50% of implementations are failing. By examining enterprises that have successfully implemented automation, we learn from their success and avoid common pitfalls.

Download the two case studies contained in this link to learn how a healthcare tech firm and a global bank successfully introduced Automation and saved 400K person hours and $500K respectively.


  1. Leveraging RPA, AI and mobile technology 

This free webinar, presented by two automation experts, goes over mortgage and loans processing as a BSFI use case.

Learn about automation best practices for the mortgage industry, what major document-processing challenges are, and how RPA with AI address these challenges at the largest banks.


  1. SSON Report: Computer Vision and Cognitive Automation 

This report introduces Computer Vision, and explains how you can leverage its capabilities by turning unstructured data into structured data.


  1. The 4 Drivers of Digital Transformation 

Today's enterprises are targeting digital transformation to remain competitive, viable, and successful in an increasingly digitalised marketplace. After defining what digital transformation means, this article goes over:

  • How to drive a successful digital transformation
  • How to reevaluate “process” for the digital business
  • How digital technology is the ultimate enabler
  • How data makes it all come together


  1. How Can Cognitive Technology Expedite Your M&A Deal? 

With increased globalization, companies are seeing the need to acquire niche capabilities, and new ventures are being setup, scaled, sold and turned around. Read about how cognitive technologies can assist before, during, and after M&A in this article.


  1. Your Roadmap For Scaling Automation for Success 

This free webinar is hosted by Brian Klochkoff, Director of Automation Solutions at Dentsu Aegis Network. In it, Klochkoff teaches on how to go from zero automation to full digital transformation.