The CIO & IT role in digital transformation [VIDEO]

Transformation with Tony Saldanha: The CIO & IT role in digital transformation

Tony Saldanha

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In this week’s installment of Transformation, Tony and Seth talk about the changing role of CIO and the IT organization.

  1. CEOs face a new dilemma when it comes to defining the role of CIO as it applies to transformation.
  2. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has forced a new set of roles upon CIOs.
  3. Tony touches on the skills necessary for the modern CIO, including governance as it applies to today’s operations.
  4. They must also have the ability to encourage and enable transformation—not necessarily force or apply that transformation on their own.
  5. The IT skillset is also evolving. Tony elaborates on the importance of an IT department to be both business savvy and creative in a way that hasn’t been typical or necessary in the past.
  6. In order to stay relevant as a CIO or IT operator, reskilling and evolution is critical.

To hear specific examples of the points above and glean additional insights from Tony, watch the full conversation below.