Disruption feeds excellence

The Start-up Zone Advisory Board Key Takeaways From Key Quotes

Seth Adler

Tarun Chopra of the Start-up Zone Advisory Board on positive disruption feeding excellence, calibrating your enterprise, constantly evolving business models, and customer centricity. The full video follows these three key quotes:

Positive disruption feeding excellence

Start ups have started to play a more and more significant role in the evolution of different industries, especially in the technology space. This is something we come across in the insurance industry. The speed of technological development has gone up so fast that the traditional business models are becoming obsolete much faster than we expected. There's a lot of disruption, it's positive disruption though, in terms of how we sell, what we sell, and how we transact business, as well as on the back-end in terms of operational data. Some very good operational excellence products are out there and the start-ups are feeding that excellence.


Calibrating your enterprise

As an advisory board member, the thing that I'm looking for, as well as what the community deserves to know- is the opportunity to see the upcoming trends. To see technologies as well as solutions at the ground level- because what my involvement with the committee- it just helps knowing what is up and coming. Both in terms of operations, as well as businesses, and in terms of solutions that we can use, which helps us calibrate our enterprise and prepare for the future.


Constantly evolving business models

Have an open mind in terms of what is out there and how your business models are operating right now. It is now known through enough research and data that the business models are going to be constantly evolving and you need to have solutions. You need to be forward thinking. If you are just maintaining your current level of technology, your current level of offerings, your current level of solutions- you are bound to be obsolete- if not in a few years, definitely within a decade.



We want to be a better customer solution oriented company. Now, a lot of that obviously has to do with technology because as solutions and product offering evolve, you want to offer what the clients are looking for, as opposed to what I want to offer.


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