Real-time insight into human and business impact of Coronavirus/Covid-19

True action-oriented information from macroeconomist, healthcare and AI execs

Seth Adler

Digital Event: March 18, 2020 1pm GMT

As the global village confronts the human implications of Coronavirus, business has been disrupted in an unprecedented fashion. Global corporate enterprise has been completely altered.

Join us for a unique gathering to unpack what we can do in the moment.

Macroeconomic session:

  • Key similarities and differences between China’s import to the global economy during SARS vs. Covid-19
  • Lessons learned from global macroeconomic behavior between pandemics
  • The effect of automation on the pandemic and the pandemic effect on automation

AI & Intelligent Automation Action session:

  • What steps should global corporate enterprise take, skip or avoid completely?
  • How should the current roadmap be altered?
  • What are the lessons-learned that have already been realized?
  • A review of 7 AI Use cases

Former physician, healthcare exec- current AI exec session:

  • Insight from time as physician at China CDC during H1N1
  • Insight from time as healthcare executive
  • Insight from current role as Director at Major Philanthropic Tech AI for Health initiative
  • A review of 3 AI Use Cases

Join us for a unique gathering to unpack what we can do in the moment.