Start-ups and global corporate enterprises join forces

The Start-up Zone Advisory Board Key Takeaways From Key Quotes

Seth Adler

Three true thought leaders discuss the opportunities and expectations presented by the conception of the Start-up Zone. Deborah Kops, Tony Saldanha and Lee Coulter join us by video to discuss the potential when startu-ups and enterprise join forces.



"I see the opportunity to teach the startups about a marketplace that they don't understand. The biggest fundamental challenges startups have is, their go to market strategy. Exposing startups to a group of seeker-buyers creates a benefit for them. And it becomes an exchange as  we're also helping our shared services colleagues look at technology very differently. The opportunity to understand how to engage with tiny tech is a game changer for us, as we increasingly become digital."

-Deborah Kops


The best way to be disrupted, is to disrupt yourself. That's the history of what we tried to do at Procter and Gamble, through this organization called Next Generation Services. It really doesn't matter if, externally, people think of you as very mature, best-in-class if the real disruption is going to come from small startup companies. The goal is to create the equivalent of a J.A.R.V.I.S. computer (from Iron Man), that sits along with the enterprise and guides them along the way. That's the opportunity. That's the disruption that, I think, we as GBS leaders can bring.

-Tony Saldanha




Part of the challenge with the adoption of new technology and new ways of working is being exposed to it. What I see is a superb opportunity to create a marketplace- create a user group who really think about how they incorporate new technologies, and a supplier group, if you will, or a startup group, who start to learn about the opportunities they have to solve some pretty neat problems.

-Deborah Kops


Within a year I hope to see several partnerships, and several real, tangible case studies of how startups have broken through and how large companies have figured out that the ideas coming out of these startups are very, very valuable.

-Tony Saldanha


My prognostication is that we will start to see more of the technologies that inherently come with limited, but very useful, machine learning capabilities built-in. We're going to start to see some of the simplest decision-making in process become a relatively routine product feature. I think that we're going to see that machine vision, particularly for engaging with unstructured data, will become the de facto. A family of, of startups that are taking advantage of this very practical combination of capabilities, and really racing forward quickly with disruptive capability.

-Lee Coulter


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