Transformation, interactivity, customer-centricity & more

The Start-up Zone Advisory Board Key Takeaways From Key Quotes

Seth Adler

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Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols joins us and shares background on the UPS transformation, the pivotal role which GBS plays in fueling the reinvestment in growth, her personal central tenants which she brings to each position she’s had over the years, her current true focus on end-to-end processes and why she’s decided to join the Start-up Zone Advisory Board.

Key Takeaways from key quotes:

Executing global transformation

  • "The organization, globally, has been working on transformation to be able to reinvest in UPS so that we can put money into places like R&D, and expand and support our customers around the globe."

Increasing front-end interactivity

  • GBS plays a really pivotal role in transformation. In a lot of work that was being done in specific countries- or specific functions- now has been moving into GBS to help us bend to cost curve and be able to increase service levels and our customer interactions.

Focusing on customer-centricity

  • It's still about being able to have your stakeholders and your customers being at the center of the universe. 

Gaining competitive advantage through the Start-Up Zone

  • Plugging and playing with these startups is going to, potentially, yield some really exciting results through partnering with those who really can be very agile in a particular space, and bring something really quickly to market.