Utilizing past change as prologue for the next step of your automation journey

Pearls of wisdom from Episodes 111-115 of the AI & Intelligent Automation Network podcast

Seth Adler

Pearls of wisdom from the AI & Intelligent Automation Network podcast episodes 111-115 include Industry 4.0; Ethical profitable AI; Personal data for business; Past change as prologue 

Industry 4.0

Ep. 111: Chris Gunning, Apollo Tyres

"We're going to have layers of data tools. We're going to have layers of visualization and reporting tools- a lot of intelligent automation on the reporting side to drive insights to the business because that's what the top-level leadership really care about."

This is industry 4.0- intelligent automation driving insights through layers of visualization and reporting so executive leadership can chart the further course forward.


Ethical profitable AI

Ep. 112: Clara Durodie

"With the volume and velocity of data available today, AI is becoming necessary to operate a successful and profitable business, but how can this technology be utilized responsibly? Are humans really going to be replaced by machines? My hope rests on one crucial assumption, which is there will be strong systems in place to ensure that ethical AI is deployed.”

And so we do need ethical AI if we're basing our enterprise infrastructure on AI. And Claire notes that AI is necessary to operate a profitable business.

Personal data for business

Ep. 113: Pelle Braengaard, uPort

"If the user actually has access and has a right to their own data, they can also share it.” 

It is commonly accepted that personally controlling personal identity data is good for us as individuals, but is it also good for business? Currently personal data is stored in silos. Facebook has one set of information on us, while the IRS has another. 


Challenge in the change

Ep. 114: Anil Bhavnani, Pfizer

“At one point in time, we were just kind of doing a very rule-set based kind of process. And here we are changing the entire process. We are automating it. So obviously a lot of people get impacted. You have to work with multiple stakeholders to be able to manage that change. I think that's where the challenge is.”

Within the life sciences sector, there are many moving parts with little room for error. Technology and automation is saving lives through the accuracy and timesaving processes it deploys. 


Past change as prologue

Ep. 115: Deepak Subbarao, Zurich Insurance Co.

"I have this fascinating job of trying to understand how you add value to the business, but at the same time help them jump into the next wave of technologies. So what does it mean practically, ? We've already gone through restructuring- we've gone through a lot of changes."

Deepak is suggesting that perhaps the best way forward is through employing lessons learned from the past. And while employing past lessons learned- understand the nuances within the change at hand allowing them to inform unique solutions for change management within your enteprise.