Intelligent Automation: Tactical Band-Aid or Strategic Cornerstone?

Your toolbox for intelligent automation no matter if you have top-level buy-in or not

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Seth Adler

An AI LIVE Global On-Demand Session:

Intelligent Automation: Tactical Band-Aid or Strategic Cornerstone?

Ashish Bhatla, Head, Hexaware BPS, Europe joins us to share how to involve the entire organization on your automation journey no matter if you start with top-level buy-in or not.

Key Takeaways Include:

  1. Automation through an effective digital transformation initiative drives strategic business objectives of customer experience transformation, improving the time to market for the product and services, optimizing cost while looking at enhancing revenue growth.
  2. A bottom-up approach showcases a specific business function, it could be finance, it could be HR, it could be operations, or a contact center who identifies one specific function, and then identify talent who would be mandated to figure out what specific processes are automatable.
  3. Automation of business processes requires a very, very close handshake between business and IT.  
  4. If process documentation has not defined exceptions well, once the bot is put into production, there will still be a lot of human effort required to actually execute the process.
  5. Having a very good methodology, scientific way of identifying and categorizing processes is very, very important, if a strategic roadmap of automation across organization needs to be built.
  6. Your change methodology has to align very well with the automation build roadmap.


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