Artificial Intelligence adoption with robust cybersecurity

What to do now to protect your infrastructure, your technology, your bots, your data and your IP

Seth Adler

AI LIVE Global On-Demand Session:

Deploying a Highly Secure RPA Solution: How To Implement A Robust Cyber-Security Strategy Aligned With AI Adoption

Sudhir Sen, Products Head, JiffyRPA returns to discuss the important work of securing your infrastrcuture.

Top takeaways include:

  1. Ensure that every activity, which is carried out by the bot, is tracked, audit- controlled and logs are available for audit trail.
  2. Ensure information is not stored on the system and is not accessible in the logs and/or is not accessible in the screenshots, etc.
  3. The data, which is stored, has to be encrypted and this may be a feature that is directly provided by the solution, the product vendor or may be through the database integration.
  4. Secure the data-in-motion and secure the data-at-rest.
  5. In highly secure environments ensure that bots not use the general global credentials of the production environment; ensure bots use the credentials, which only the business user is using.

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