Intelligent enterprise chatbots

Intelligent Chatbot Summit June 18-21 Singapore

Seth Adler

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A cross-industry slicing and dicing of the potential value of chatbots to your enterprise from interaction, engagement, commercialization and ultimately monetization.


Keeping pace with evolving customer engagement 

The program has a welcome kick off focused on implementation pitfalls and lessons learned. Axiata’s Chief Customer Officer dives right in on ensuring that you are at least in line with (if not out front) of changing customer engagement preferences.

Pitfalls and Lessons Learnt from Chatbot Implementation

Sandra de Zoysa - Group Chief Customer Officer, Dialog Axiata 

  • Keeping abreast of changing customer engagement preferences and the technology advancements in chatbots
  • Strengthening digital capabilities to harness the full potential of bots
  • What are the essential factors to keep in mind for successful chatbot implementation? 

Sandra de Zoysa

Group Chief Customer Officer 
Dialog Axiata



Anticipting interaction and engagement

Alibaba’s Lazada Group has Chin Kiat Trea crafting valuable autonomous conversations and ultimately the customer journey through a chatbot decision tree. The session offers that it is these means which help anticipate and improve interaction and engagement.

Building Chatbot Scenarios to Anticipate and Improve User Interaction and Engagement

Chin Kiat Teo - Senior Manager, Customer Care Technology Program Management, Lazada Group 

  • Monitoring feedback and analysing chatbot sessions for accurate insights
  • Chatbot user experience: How to craft valuable conversations
  • Creating a chatbot decision tree to improve customer journey mapping


Chin Kiat Teo

Senior Manager, Customer Care Technology Program Management 
Lazada Group



Automation-based customer acquisition 

Representatives from financial services, insurance and telecom come together to discuss increasing customer acquisition, engagement and retention. The acquisition focus dives in on segment-specific customer insights. And the engagement focus dives in on unified communication.

Commercialising the Use of Chatbots to Increase Customer Engagement, Acquisition and Retention

Cedric Dias - Head - Digital, Social Media and Product Marketing, OCBC Bank 
Juliana Chua - Head of Digital Transformation, NTUC Income 
Robin Seow - Head of Global Marketing in Group Enterprise, Singtel 

  • Enhancing lead generation and customer acquisition with chatbots
  • Advancing chatbot engagement with segment-specific customer insights
  • How can chatbots enable unified communications and bring in a whole new level of customer engagement?

Cedric Dias, Head - Digital, Social Media and Product Marketing, OCBC Bank


Juliana Chua, Head of Digital Transformation, NTUC Income


Robin Seow, Head of Global Marketing in Group Enterprise, Singtel



Monetization through intelligent bot

The holy grail of the program– and chatbots in general– is transactional bots ensuring monetization without carbon. The focus is on modernizing the customer journey, and with it- your sales and marketing operations.

Moving Towards Transactional Bots to Monetise Sales and Marketing Opportunities

Anwar Ishak - Head of Digital IT, Digi Telecommunications 

  • How are chatbots modernising sales and marketing and the entire customer journey?
  • Enabling user authentication and access to purchase history to better streamline customer transactions
  • Integrating chatbots with CRM for accurate insights on sales opportunities

Anwar Ishak, Head of Digital IT, Digi Telecommunications



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