Self, role, department, security and customer transformation

Pearls of Wisdom from Episodes 61-65 of the AI & Intelligent Automation Podcast

Seth Adler


Self transformation

Episode 61: Anil Bhavnani, Pfizer

"There will be some who don't fit particular requirements or sometimes particular roles don't fit a person's desires. The way that I would look at it is sometimes you need to think through and probably change what you are doing."

Enterprises must engage in digital transformation. And each employee must engage in self transformation. The role they are doing today is not the role they will do tomorrow. Some people are aware and already adapting their skills. Some are unaware and need good management to help them through the change. Some are aware and not interested in changing. If you can't change the people, change the people.



Role transformation

Episode 62: Deepak Subbarao, Zurich Insurance

"Who would not be happy if you get to work in the morning and the reports that you want to analyze are on your desk? Rather than spending half your day clicking around to get the reports, they are there waiting for you. You've been hired to do a particular job. How can we help you to do that job, rather than progressively what has been transformed into your job?"

Roles have a way of transforming over time– and not necessarily for the better. We hired you to analyze reports. But you spend half of your day creating the reports. By the time you begin analyzing the reports, you're exhausted. Your best hours are wasted by clicking and cutting and pasting. It's our job to make your job better– to make it the job it was intended to be at the start. And once you're spending all of your time actually analyzing those reports, we can then collectively transform your job to what it should be tomorrow.


Security transformation

Episode 63: Roderick Koleho, Cargill

"Particularly in today's day in age where we have nation states creating malware or certain tools that they use to leverage the state level– the term is asymmetrical adversarialism. We've seen instances where those have not been contained, they've gotten out in the wild, they've been stolen from other nation states and different things like that. And then, for a variety of different purposes and intents, released into the wild in which has created a very difficult situation for an average organization to maintain a realistic defensive posture."

And so it goes– you're in cybersecurity. It's mandatory to protect your data which is in motion and to protect your data which is at rest. Artificial intelligence is built on your data. If your data has been compromised, who has access to your artificial intelligence and by definition, who can control your artificial intelligence?


Department transformation

Episode 64: Sebastian Zeiss, Deutche Telecom

"We actually started to really think about it and what we do in my department, for instance, is we run something called Expert Career Digitization. We really started to develop people from operational departments to become digitization experts."

Don't have a transformation remit from the CEO? Don't have transformation coursing through the veins of your front-line talent? Don't have transformation roles ready on demand? Transform those no's into yes's. Just go ahead and take your department or your team and make today Day 1. Set a path and put them on it. Voila.



Customer transformation

Episode 65: Tobias Unger

"Ask your customer where their pain points are in there, from a customer perspective. Then you try to take away these pain points."

Tobias Unger is a smart man. And brilliance comes in short bursts. Want to transform your enterprise? As you customers what might work for them. They'll inevitably tell you what's wrong right now. Utilize intelligent automation to remove their current painpoints. Then begin on your customer transformation journey.