WATCH: On the road- A unique perspective on the current state of enterprise and AI.

Einar Michaelson is on the move. His new consulting role offers him a unique perspective on the current state of enterprise and AI.

Seth Adler

Einar Michaelson opens this discussion with the differences he’s observed between being a consultant and a speaker. He discusses his goals when attending events and offers advice for those in his shoes. Then, he dives in on the hottest topic at conferences and beyond: AI.

The consultant’s role at conferences

When attending conferences as a consultant, Einar engages in open discussions with potential, previous, or current clients. His intent is to understand their needs; not make a sale. Existing clients at a conference may have gained a new perspective from the speakers they saw. Einar suggests discussing these insights with them. Adding AI and RPA into an enterprise is a hot topic in and out of conferences.

How to consult on AI implementation

As a consultant, Einar works with his clients to create a customized approach to RPA and AI. Clients fall into the trap of attempting to emulate another company’s model instead of customizing a solution that works for their organization. Without the right data and the right data solutions, AI hits an implementation wall. Einar explains why hiring shiny, new data scientists isn’t enough. Finally, Einar outlines a holistic solution to get an organization on board with RPA and AI.

To hear Einar’s four-point solution to AI implementation and other key insights, watch the full conversation below.