State of Transformation webinar [On-Demand]

Report contributors share thoughts on transformation, analytics, security and more

Seth Adler

This State Of Transformation Webinar, which follows our State Of Transformation Report brings together three of the contributors- Jim Floyd, Jim Degliumberto, and Jay Klausner sharing thoughts on the report's findings.

Panelists discuss:

  • The general state of transformation
  • Key thoughts around enterprise analytics
  • Updeated viewpoints on security
  • Their own pain points along with industry analysis
  • And thoughts on what keeps the industry up at night

Select key quotes from the webinar:

"You have this huge push, 45% of the line of business are pushing for digital transformation, right? So you have lines of business which have deep pockets usually and want this to be done yet in the report it states that the IT groups, the people who are actually having to implement this strategy, are not able to get funding. So I guess the question becomes, who in digital transformation is less adept at convincing senior management to open their wallet?"

"Predictive analytics is eventually going to overtake descriptive analytics. Which is saying that analytics and analysis in general has huge weight and that the new tools that are out to accommodate this are going to have a lot of influence in the very near future."

"Regarding security, ultimately if the tools don't work for your people, then the people won't work with those tools and they'll find ways around to get that work done. And that just opens more security issues."

"We know that employees are tricky. You put something in that's too restrictive, it's too difficult too work with. Typically, they're going to find some way around it. And that's where it becomes more of a risk. Security almost, it can cause more risk by saying if we make it so hard to work, people find a way around it eventually. That spreads like wildfire."


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