[WATCH] How your digital transformation affects parking garages

Future of Work w/Max Just and special guest Julie Seitz: Your physical environment

Seth Adler

Following past examinations of the digital work environment Max Just dives in on the physical environment and the future of work.

Max's former Coca-Cola colleague Julie Seitz joins us from Delta where she shares key thoughts on physical spaces in the future of work:

  • Think about what's today fifth graders going to want to work in when that student gets into the workforce
  • Get out there and see what's happening from airports to cafeterias to kids in school- don't be insular
  • I've seen photos of a new high school and there are no desks. When a current child from that school is 22 and we show them a desk- they're going to look it up like it's a rotary phone. They're not going to know what it is
  • The holy grail in this area of workplace is proving and measuring that it really does drive productivity and engagement