Accelerating Digital Innovation and Resilience during the New Normal and Beyond

Actual case studies, practical steps taken and cost benefits achieved

Seize this pivotal moment through participating in an interactive discussion on the use of low-code to innovate and streamline operations including a live example of customizing a Covid-19 app that was developed and delivered in a week

This webinar will take place on:
June 02, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEST

Seize this pivotal moment

The effect of today’s unprecedented circumstances upon delivery of healthcare has been and continues to be very significant. The lockdown has shown how systems can be overwhelmed and temporarily coping is not the solution. This could be a pivotal time for the digitisation of processes and systems in healthcare, putting an emphasis on initiatives that may have been previously deprioritised due to funding or lack of resources. Also, it's time to re-examine traditional approaches to digitisation; off the shelf and build from scratch both are expensive to maintain and may not deliver agile solutions. Is there another better way?

Interactive discussion

Join us in a fire-side chat with Fiona Caldwell, CIO Estia Health, Charles Papp, Director, KRE8 IT, and Richard Davies, Sr Lead Architect, OutSystems, as we share how healthcare organisations are using low-code to innovate and streamline operations to improve patient and employee care. 

What to expect:

  • What is low-code? What are the cost and business benefits of using low-code
  • How Estia has digitised its processes using low-code platform to rapidly to respond to the pandemic
  • What are the type of innovations being done by healthcare organisations in ANZ
  • Live example of customising a Covid-19 app that was developed and delivered in a week

Actual case studies

This webinar will present real case studies of how healthcare organisations are rapidly building digital solutions for their processes and customer experiences. The webinar will discuss practical steps that were adopted and what business and cost benefits were achieved. During the recent pandemic, organisations had to quickly scale their operations, connect online with their staff and customers – some scrambled, while some made a smooth transitions. The webinar will uniquely address how digital innovation can be quickly achieved without expensive resources.

Familiarize with low-code and walk away knowing:

  • Digital innovation can be agile as well as cost-effective
  • Digital innovation does not require a large, skilled team
  • Creating good customer experience is easy



Fiona Caldwell
Chief Information Officer
Estia Health

With over 25 years’ experience in various IT strategic and operational leadership capacities, Fiona brings to Estia a wealth of practised knowledge and a sound background in managing IT solutions and projects.

Appointed to the role of Chief Information Officer in October 2017, Fiona leads Estia’s IT team in the delivery of modern and innovative technologies and services and seeks to advance the level of assistance and amenities available at Estia.

Fiona is a recognised leader in optimising the IT user experience. She has extensive experience in the Government and Commercial sectors, including Village Roadshow, Cenitex and the Tatts Group. Fiona holds a Bachelor of Computing and Master of Business Administration from Monash University.

Charles Papp

Charles leads a small development team at KRE8 IT, a certified OutSystems partner in Melbourne. They pride themselves in solving complex business problems that others find too hard or would take them too long.

With decades of IT leadership experience working with healthcare organisations, Charles developed a passion for using emerging technologies to solve bigger and more complex problems than previously possible. By building elegant solutions that are a joy to use, Charles and his team strive to make people's jobs easier and their lives better.

Richard Davies
Sr Lead Solution Lead Architect

As a solution architect, Richard works closely with OutSystems customers to discover their technical business requirements and provides expert guidance on how best they can use the OutSystems platform to accelerate digital transformation.

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