State of Transformation 2020

Expert Analysis following the State of Transformation Report

The enterprise digital transformation journey is well on its way at the onset of 2020. Measured progress is a harbinger for how digital transformation will look in near future, as it will be essential to keep investing and innovating in order to stay ahead.

This webinar will take place on:
March 03, 2020
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EST

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Expert contributors to the State of Transformation 2020 report discuss and debate central focus areas in a live webinar:

  • Analytics:
    • Gaining insight into data is becoming a top priority for many enterprises. Data/analytics are reported as one of the most interesting digital transformation components in our survey results; as well, many enterprises are concerned about missing opportunities buried in large volumes of untapped data. Coming up with an advanced data analytics strategy will be crucial for any company that wants to move forward in the world of digital transformation.
      • Contributors discuss the short term and long term enterprise effects of each
  • Security:
    • As Jim Degliumberto, CIO, Southeastrans noted in the report, “Cybersecurity is obviously the number one concern. It always is. How much risk do you want to take and how much security can you afford to implement? ”
      • Contributors discuss the centrifugal force of security on the 2020 enterprise
  • Major pain points:
    • Cybersecurity is joined by not having enough resources, educating employees on technology and not having budget as the primary enterprise concerns of 2020
      • Contributors discuss and debate how to deal with these multiple issues simultaneously

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