ActiveEon is an Open Source ISV offering automation and scalability solutions for IT, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) with jobs distribution and parallelization allowing acceleration of business processes and reduction of infrastructure costs.ActiveEon works with French and international clients: L'Oreal, SeaEngineering (USA), JoyGlobal (USA), Home Office (UK), Legal & General (UK), CEA, Amadeus, INRA, Mediametrie, TAGSYS, La Francaise Asset Management, CNES and many more.ActiveEon offers ProActive, a software suite available in SaaS Mode:Workflows & Scheduling is a complete workload scheduler that distributes applications to simplify their execution, featuring a workflows orchestrator and a resource manager, and supporting secured data transfer and license cost optimization;Big Data Automation is a solution that allows Big Data distribution and acceleration in R language, Spark, Hadoop, Matlab, Scilab and others on Clusters, Grids and Clouds;and Cloud Automation, compatible with Docker, that automates complex and multi-VM applications management and deployment, handling heterogeneous and hybrid Clouds on multiple private and public accounts.Try our software now and for free on the Try Platform!We currently have several job offers, check it on our website:

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