Algo-Logic maps network algorithms into hardware logic. We use gateware, rather than hardware or software, to accelerate packet processing. Algo-Logic's products are used to increase the throughput of data center packet processing, reduce the latency of in-memory databases, and process real-time streaming data from Internet-connected sensors.Gateware is similar to software in that it is fully programmable. However, unlike software, gateware compiles to fully parallel logic, allowing it to compute efficiently like hardware. Gateware solutions achieve high performance with flexibility by running in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices.Gateware Defined Networking (GDN) enables your network to operate faster, carry more traffic, and consume less power. Algo-Logic's GDN products process Internet packets with sub-microsecond latency with a throughput of up to 100 Gigabits/second while consuming only fraction of the power needed to perform the same operation in software.

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