algorithmica technologies was born out of the desire to bridge two highly complex worlds - the world of academic mathematics and the world of industry. Our unique backgrounds made us aware of the potential of mathematics, in particular machine learning, to draw actionable insights from industrial big data and enable new, creative solutions. The technology remained limited to the theoretical world of the ivory tower. We realized what was lacking was someone who could bridge the knowledge gap and apply this knowledge to the practical problems of industry. We could and wanted to be those people.In fulfilling this mission, we are led by the motto "simply intelligent!" That means we aim to deliver computationally intelligent solutions that are simple to implement, simple to work with, and simple to maintain. Despite the complexity of the problems we solve, and even the complexity of the science we apply to solve them, our solutions are easy to use, logical, and intelligent. Like a bridge, we fulfill our function without making a big deal about it. Our solutions simply work for you and with you, and help make your business better.

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