Analytics 4 Life (A4L) has developed a proprietary signal processing and machine intelligence platform, Agilytics, to produce machine-learned solutions for the purposes of detecting disease. Agilytics works by mathematically deciphering critical patterns and relationships from billions of captured data points paired with clinical results. By applying this platform to cardiac Phase Space Tomography Analysis (cPSTA) data and paired coronary angiography results, A4L has developed CorVista, its initial product focused on coronary artery disease (CAD). CorVista aims to noninvasively assess the presence of significant CAD in a single office visit without radiation, exercise, or pharmacological stressors using physiologic signals naturally emitted by the body. Beyond CAD, A4L has begun applying Agilytics to expand CorVista into other cardiac conditions as well as to engineer new products to address disease states in neurology and oncology.

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