The Authomate team has a driving goal of providing secure access to what matters most to you, and a passion based on the belief that security can be made stronger and convenient.Authomate was established in 2012 and launched its first products in early 2015. Built by a team with decades of security, infrastructure, defense and intelligence experience, we have collaborated to create a foundational suite of solutions that brings a paradigm shift in authentication that saves cost and brings stronger security made easier to use.At Authomate we believe that security and convenience shouldn't have to be a choice. Our passion is based in the belief that security can be made stronger, while also making it easier. By leveraging the first truly connected personal extension of you - your smartphone - we have developed a pioneering approach to identity and access management (IAM). Authomate introduces location, intent, presence, and persistence to authentication and allows companies to further align their user risk profiles to their security strategies and place security "where" it counts.Authomate strikes the balance between strong security, user convenience, cost efficiency and risk compliance.

Solution Category
Cyber Security