Ayata develops software that helps corporations make smarter decisions about the future.80% of the world's data today is unstructured - videos, images, text, sounds. Our patented software interprets hybrid data - a combination of structured (numbers) and unstructured data - to predict what will happen, when and why, and then prescribe how to take advantage of this predicted future without disrupting other priorities.Ayata (which is a Sanskrit word for "future") is the only software company in the world with fully functional prescriptive analytics software (using hybrid data) and the associated intellectual property (patents and trademarks). Our company started in 2003 as an R&D outfit to combine different scientific and computational disciplines for developing Prescriptive Analytics software. Ayata incorporated as a business in 2009 to commercialize its technology, and today Ayata's customers include Dell, Cisco, Microsoft and Apache Corporation.

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Predictive Analysis