At Ayatii, we strongly believe that there's not much that happens around you that you can't learn from. Though in a perfect world there would be no piracy, it is unfortunately a real problem that seems to have no end in sight. Our software has been designed from the ground-up to have near-continuous monitoring of a multitude of websites, peer-to-peer networks, social media, newsgroups and more. We firmly believe that, when piracy is a concern, time is of the essence. Our infrastructure is setup to detect and respond to infringement within minutes. Operating across the globe, we work independent of networks and can scale to your needs.Together with a quick response time, we use disruption and social media engineering techniques to confuse and misdirect the would-be pirates. This helps to limit the damage caused by a link while we await the notice to be complied with.Our analytics are produced from the mass of data we gather while carrying out our copyright protection. Working with terabytes of data, we produce an in-depth look at both the pirates and your audience. Using this data, we can help to better target would-be pirates with links to legal avenues of consumption.

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Cyber Security