BARO Vehicles is an automotive British Company, founded in 2015. We are a technological company. We design sustainable autonomous vehicles to collaborate in the transformation of the mobility systems of society, this is our mission. We design connected & autonomous compact vehicles (CAcV).We pursue above all the supreme excellence in each of our products and use artificial intelligence technology to offer all people who love the comfort a unique mobility experience.Our vision is to be a company that manufactures intelligent robots to transport people and goods.We will be at the forefront of humanizing the communication between the vehicle and the users to provide a supreme experience for people who seek maximum comfort and optimization of their time through intelligent means of transportation.The main problem we address is the need for a safer mode of transport. At present the greatest number of deaths in road accidents are due to human error. Another problem is the number of hours that any driver loses driving the vehicle. The self-driven car could free up that time to perform other more productive or leisure activities for the person. Finally, the compact and shared car will contribute to solving the problem of congestion in the big cities.Our R & D and testing plant is being developed at the Horiba-Mira Technology Park in the UK.

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