Big Cloud Analytics, Inc. (BCA) is a global data science company and a leader in delivering analytics software solutions associated with wearable devices. Supporting insurance, healthcare and companies, BCA's end-to-end solution includes wearable and other devices, algorithms for real-time predictive analytics, wellness scoring, bio-identification and end-user and administrative dashboards. With BCA's COVALENCEtm Health Analytics Platform insurance and healthcare providers (including clinical trials and senior living) can securely use Internet of Things (IOT) enabled wearable and other devices (glucometers, scales, blood pressure cuffs) to engage or monitor their insured, senior, patient or study participant populations. Employers can leverage the Platform to anonymously manage employees' wellness to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, lower insurance costs and engage their population. In the clinical trial environment, BCA's platform is revolutionizing the clinical trial landscape by extending the trial setting, detecting fraud and improving participant retention.Collected data can be analyzed and combined with external data such as weather, location, social sentiment, claims, etc. to provide easily visualized insights and actions. The platform also allows for event-triggered personalized messaging, contests, rewards and programs to encourage better health. By identifying early warning signs and coaching for the adoption of healthier habits, individuals and companies have the ability to improve quality of life, effect the onset of chronic disease, manage and monitor patients and realize long lasting healthcare savings.

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