Bilin Technology was created to help B2B marketers identify and prospect high quality leads. We influence purchasing decisions to guide closed deals. With a team of PhDs and digital advertising veterans, we apply programmatic account-based-marketing, predictive intelligence, and analytics and reporting to create he utmost unique and specific platform on the market. With incredible personalization, Bilin can be molded to fit companies from big to small or across any industry. Let us help you reach your potential.Our Content Engine monitors the content that is consumed during your prospects' pre-buyinginternet research. We use AI and deep learning technologies to identify patterns and correlate millions of events to determine your prospects' buying intention. Our Campaign Management System then helps you nurture the relationship with the prospects by serving ads at the precise time, at the exact location and to the right people. This includes targeting decision makers such as CMO, CTO, VP Marketing.

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Predictive Analysis