BioGaming transforms Physical Therapy through a AI based digitized platform that offers gamified exercise programs, automated assessments and easy to use Mobile App for the Physical Therapist.BioGaming's Physical Therapists, innovative game designers and Artificial Intelligence experts have created a platform that combines their expertise to drive improved patient adherence and outcomes, clinic work flow utilization and achieve efficient resource allocation for physical therapy clinics thus reducing costs for clinics, providers and payers.BioGaming's platform uses a 3D sensor to capture patient's' movement during assessments and exercises. All the data created during the rehab session is recorded and automatically processed by BioGaming's cutting edge technology based on AI algorithms which produces real-time feedback for improvement and detailed reports for further clinical and business analysis.BioGaming's platform, FDA approved, provides an interactive gamified experience for patients and motion analysis for Physical Therapists as it automates and quantifies assessments and in-clinic exercises.BioGaming, is the emerging leader in motion analysis assisted rehabilitation solutions. BioGaming is Medica's Innovation Award winner startup that has invented a platform for the automization & gamification of physiotherapy exercises and assessments. .BioGaming is FDA approves, has a CE mark and is ISO13485 certified.

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