Braingaze, founded in September 2013, develops next-generation Mind Tracking Solutions that predict and identify personal behavior for clinical and commercial applications. We are based in Mataro near Barcelona.The method of Braingaze (patented in 44 countries) is based on the discovery of the predictive power of small eye movements as a marker for cognitive visual processing. We call this eye movement Cognitive Vergence. Braingaze method is non-invasive, fast and can be integrated into existing eye tracking devices and software.Braingaze has recently launched its first clinical test product: BGaze ADHD, which offers very high accuracy testing for ADHD based on an involuntary eye movement biomarker that reflects specific traits of the hard wiring of a person's brain. The BGaze ADHD test is being launched in the Spanish market, other European markets will soon follow. Braingaze employs an international and interdisciplinary team of scientists (clinical experts, mathematicians and artificial intelligence) as well product developers and business people from several parts of the world. Our headquarters are in the Tecnocampus incubator in Mataro near Barcelona.

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Predictive Analysis