The foundation of modern security relies on encryption technology to protect sensitive information and maintain user privacy. However, modern encryption algorithms are "broken". Conventional wisdom states that well-known encryption algorithms - such as AES - are safe because it would take an impractical amount of time for a brute force attack to successfully crack the encryption key used to protect data. However, we can demonstrably show that this assumption is wrong and it is in fact possible to "break" into encrypted files using other techniques that do not rely on brute force attacks... The CipherLoc mission is to eliminate the flaws and inadequacies associated with today's encryption algorithms in order to fully and securely protect the world's data. Our highly innovative products:*tDramatically enhance data security*tCan be easily added to existing products*tAre scalable and future-proofOur solutions are not a replacement of existing encryption technologies but rather an enhancement to them. Our mobile, desktop, and server software solutions offer data protection for businesses of all sizes and can accommodate a wide variety of security needs. Our B-to-B business model makes our technology an ideal solution for:*tService providers who are seeking to offer highly-secure protection of data to their clients*tApplication developers who currently use encryption technology in their products and who need a more secure solution that can be easily and seamlessly added *tOther security software companies wishing to enhance their products and offerings through the addition of an innovative data protection solution*tSystems integrators who can offer a more secure solution to their clients in the healthcare, financial, banking, and any other industry where data protection and user privacy is important In short, we help keep information safe in a highly dangerous world...

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