DISRUPTIVE NEW CYBER SECURITY TECHNOLOGYStops Spoofing, Phishing, Man in the Middle and other attacksWe stop hackers from stealing your data as it is streaming over the internet and prevent hackers from accessing your server by creating an encrypted tunnel similar to HTTPS but without the SSL infrastructure that is a target for hackers; no public/private key pairs, no site certificates.Problem: The PCI Security Council has declared that HTTPS is no longer considered acceptable protection, and the Threat Infrastructure team at FaceBook issued an analysis that HTTPS can no longer protect computers from Man in the Middle (MItM) attacks. Since HTTPS is the backbone of data stream security this means that data transmitted over the internet is no longer secure.Solution: With the failure of HTTPS, there is an immediate need for a way to protect the data stream that is not dependent on HTTPS. CipherTooth provides this solution. CipherTooth does not rely on HTTPS, site certificates or public/private key pairs. It can do everything that HTTPS is designed to do and more. The product prevents man in the middle, phishing and spoofing attacks. Other applications for secure VPN, IoT devices, file transfer, email, text messaging, video conferencing, network devices and access points.Technology: CipherTooth creates an encrypted tunnel similar to HTTPS but with none of the required Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Current hacking techniques will not penetrate the tunnel as the technology does not have the weaknesses inherent in HTTPS. The technology can be deployed as a web service, as an appliance, or as a software. Our patented technology can be used to develop a stand alone product or it can be built into a current product as a new feature. It can also be used to develop unique solutions for a single customer's specific needs.

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